In the last 24 hours...

Geoff and I have conquered as well as made life altering decisions. Today Geoff conquered the spider that has been living in our home. I found this spider yesterday morning. It ran behind our TV stand. I was to scared to kill it so I sprayed it with some OxyClean Laundry Stain Remover--naturally. To explain myself a little better I should tell you about this spider. It was huge, it had those extra long legs that shoot up and come down. Its extra speedy and no matter which way you try to attack it, it sees you. When it was living behind our TV stand, i'm pretty sure it chewed through some of our wires--thats how big it is. It was running across our bedroom floor this morning. It was too fast for Geoff. Thankfully it decided to show itself again and Geoff continued to smack the life out of it. I love that man.

As far as life altering decisions go, I finally got Geoff to talk about Halloween. Last night I decided that He should be a big apple and I would be the statue of liberty. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make him into an apple. When I presented it to him that night at dinner he nixed the idea. At that point I figured that Plan B--dressing up as this years deceased celebrities--wouldn't go over well either. We would have made a great Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays (rest his soul--it was hard enough using the oxyclean).  Anyway after throwing things around we have decided on Ketchup and Mustard, im the mustard, obviously.

Good people making good choices.


britney said...

Glad you came to a conclusion, but you are supposed to keep the costume a secret until revealed! :)

Greg and Hailey said...

This is Hailey from Hood River...I saw your blog address on facebook and have been reading ever since, you are so cute and your posts are so cute!
I hope your doing great!

Geoff + Katie said...

Dang it! Since i'm making them, hopefully it will still be somewhat suprising.

Hailey! Hey, thanks! I saw your status that said you've been married for almost a year! oh my goodness! You guys are really cute and so was your wedding. I'm glad you found me.