The Evolution...

Of my hottie husbands hottie hair, and how it became a little less hot. Check this out, when we were taking out pre-wedding shots it looked like this:

I realize its a little long in these pictures and he's stepping into Billy Ray's territory, but still he's lookin' rather fine. Then after the wedding he started to increase his hairiness and add a beard.

And I have to add in this picture because both him and our nephew Levi look so cute.

Then he became a hair factory and his beard started grow like some kind of chia pet.

And then he up and did this:

Gross. And then he rounded things out with this look:

And in case your wondering wants going on just below his face in the picture, this is whats happening:

At football camp this is what they call "snack". Every guy gets their own pizza.


Shellene said...

these are what should be classified as hair don't(s) instead of hair do(s)!

Stephanie said...

sorry katie.
the wedding "look"? - it was false advertising.
please tell geoff that i already stole these photos and emailed them to drewski.
if they don't scare him to death, i'm sure he'll get a good laugh out of them.