October just so happens to be one of the best months out of the year (alongside, yet slightly above-- July and December, respectfully). There are many reasons why October is so great, and since I have not yet enlightened you, I will do so now.
1. October means fall is in full swing. No more days that are unsure of what kind of weather they would like to be producing. It is full on gloomy and thats the way I like it. Dont try and tell me otherwise.
2. It means campus is at its best. The colors are at their finest. If I could take one of those giant oak trees and stick it in my house I would--but Geoff would get mad at me and kick me out, tree included. He would have a sound reasoning to do so, I might add.
3. Its my birthday month. This means that greatest amount of joy was dropped on this earth and into my moms lap.
4. Halloween. What other day of the entire year can I dress up like anything and look like a total fool? No one can make fun of me or say that i'm probably drunk. I'm also in a family ward now so I really hope that they do trunk or treating so that I can have the coolest car there. *sidenote: since Geoff and I started dating I have been trying to get him to figure out what our halloween costumes are going to be. Its been 7 months and he still wont talk about it.
***I also bought this at Jo-Anns in preperation for Halloween

5. October also means that fall fashion is fully up and running. This is an extremly sensitive subject for me since I get all the emails from j. Crew, Banana Republic and Gap and I have seen the goods. And they are very, very good. I want them. I want them very much. But I cant have them. (its such a good thing that my birthday is in October, huh? Mom?)

Now that you know just how great October is i'm so sorry you have to wait a whole September before it comes.

ADDENDUM: 6. October is also the best month because Brian and Liesl's cute baby boy, Koston, will be born in October! Although I forgot to mention this before hand, it makes October even better. But I was totally right about October, huh Brian?


britney said...

Yeah - The Ment "not talking" about Halloween yet must be a Garner thing. I was barely able to get Scott dressed up as Geoff last year. Its only 2 months away, and he critisizes me for already starting the girls' costumes. Grr - its my favorite Holiday also!

Geoff + Katie said...

Its so much fun! I love making kids costumes, I do it for my nieces and nephews all the time. I thinking about making Geoff dress up as an apple and me as the statue of liberty. Halloween is vitally important. Whether the guys know it or not.

Jill said...

Absolutely the best month. I have always thought so too. Mostly for fall fashion and halloween. Actually pretty much every reason you said. Gosh.

Geoff + Katie said...

Gee wilikers, Jill.