Always on my mind...

These little babies have been on my mind all week. And ive since spent my time trying to figure out how to get all of them--in my dreams!

I know Ugg boots can be considered cliche, but the people who say that have never tried them on. 
Everybody likes warm feet! 
I used to have a pair that I wore all over the place, but they got ruined by the salt they thow all over to melt the snow. Aaaannnd, I love the soles on these ones so much better. 
(Liesl, I think its time you get a pair of these now that your in Idaho--you'll appreciate them very much!)

I really want me some of these. 

These will probably stay a dream. Forever. 
But a girl can hope.

And technically, I already own these, just in a different color. 
But obviously I need them in Orange, especially after yesterdays game.

Its a good thing my birthday is just around the corner, right?
; )



September has been good to me. On the 1st of the month I completed my last final. Ever. 8 days later my final grades were posted and submitted. And....I did it! I successfully had the lamest summer of my life, but I GRADUATED. From college. It's fantastic. As for right now I dont pity anyone in school, but come the end of this month when Geoff starts up again I know I'm going to be totally jealous. I really like school--not all of it--but most of it was pretty fun and engaging. But for now I feel relieved and can't wait to get settled into my new working woman lifestyle. Our insurance cards came in the mail yesterday and I felt just as accomplished, if not more,  as when I got an A on my marketing plan. And that's a big deal because I poured my heart and soul into that thing.

Me, the day I graduated. Because you were just dying to see.

and this might have happened too.

We've managed to fit in some fun this month too. 

Geoff and I went to The Dalles/Portland for a bit. 

While in Portland I took Geoff to this incredible portland based company Moonstruck Chocolates.
We both agree that this is the best milkshake we have ever had. 
The conquistador: chocolate, caramel and carmelized hazelnuts.
To. Die. For.

We couldnt help but snag these little guys too.
Geoffs was a chocolate orange owl and mine was a chocolate hazelnut frakenstein laced with pop rocks.

We went to the farmers market in The Dalles too.
Poor Geoff didnt fit in the car.

Larry shows off his new flowers.

I bought Sweet Cherry jam and I'm saving it just for you Shellene. 
Its crazy delicious.

A couple days ago I paid my brother with a mediocre dinner in return for painting my bedroom. 
The whole family came over and Levi asked Geoff if he wanted to armwrestle. 
Funniest thing ever. 

As for now Im spending the rest of my time gearing up for the first home game! Im so excitied for football to start in Corvallis and for all the fun we are going to have this year. I love that we get to spend so much time with family this time of year. 

Happy September!