Since we've been back from enjoying the radiant Arizona weather....

we have been contunally growing fonder of the 'Hot Eats' side of the menu at DQ

Finally got around to potting my plants

(and yes, I did carry that owl pot from Hobby Lobby on the plane and the TSA guys look a little bewildered when they saw it on the xray screen)

And we spend our nights watching our copy of the first season of Fresh Prince

I forgot just how funny this show is.


running/creeper shots

yesterday is was finally warm/sunny enough to exercise outside.
One of the best things about where we live in Corvallis is all the running/biking paths by our house. 
You can start on one path and veer off onto a new one. 
ANYWAY, I decided to try out a new path the other day and it was amazing. 

Oh wait, what?

people over the age of 15 still rollerblade even though were out of the 90's?

Shortly after I took these photos and was thinking how much I liked this new path, a gang of girl bikers whizzed past me with their coin slots hanging out.

im glad I didnt get a picture of that. 
and while im at it:

check out the sweat patterns on this guy.



One of my best finds in New York was my wingtip oxfords:

I l.o.v.e. them.
The thing that makes them so great is that its taken me three years to find them.
yes, I have wanted a pair for that long.

It all started many moons ago when I was a sophomore in college and had a 2 year subscription to Vogue. 

They had a four page spread on Keri Russell--whom I love and sidenote: if you havent seen the movie Waitress I highly recommend it because you will love it. 

anyway, she was wearing the most beautful ensembles, two if which were paired with oxfords, I immediately fell in love and scoured every goodwill I could get my hands on for 6 months...and then I gave up. 

Who knew they were waiting for me 3,000 miles away.



goat, goat, I want a goat.

I do.
I really do.
Geoff and I drove around Philomath, and on our drive we drove past Dell's Feed. 
Their sign said 'baby chicks are here'

Me: Geoff, can I have a baby chick?
G: No.
Me: But its what I want.
G: No. No animals.
Me: I want a baby chick and a baby goat.


If only I could have my baby goat then we could have feta cheese for all!


wedge salad.

Do you watch Modern Family?
Does it parallel your life as much as it does mine?
Like eerily parallel, as if they have cameras in my house and are watching every move/joke/fight I have with Geoff?

its like totally freaking me out. 

Like for real:

And as far as this goes, the whole reason they are in a fight is because Phil's friend suggested he try a 'wedge salad'. He falls in love with it and it sends claire over the top because she has been suggesting it for years--amongst many other things--and Phil (Geoff) will only try it when a friend (teammate) suggests it. 

Oh and for the record, I dont throw broccoli at Geoff and he doesnt spary me with a fire extinguisher.

I love this show.