One of my best finds in New York was my wingtip oxfords:

I l.o.v.e. them.
The thing that makes them so great is that its taken me three years to find them.
yes, I have wanted a pair for that long.

It all started many moons ago when I was a sophomore in college and had a 2 year subscription to Vogue. 

They had a four page spread on Keri Russell--whom I love and sidenote: if you havent seen the movie Waitress I highly recommend it because you will love it. 

anyway, she was wearing the most beautful ensembles, two if which were paired with oxfords, I immediately fell in love and scoured every goodwill I could get my hands on for 6 months...and then I gave up. 

Who knew they were waiting for me 3,000 miles away.



MichelleY said...

Sweet kicks KT...speaking of Keri Russell, Aaron wanted to name a baby girl Felicity :) Oh boys.

britney said...

how do you keep them on your feet without laces? sweet shoes... but i already miss your converse! :(