I know, I know, I know.

I know this is going to blow up in my face for saying this (cough, cough arizona compadres)

But it this weather continues im going to die.
aint. no. lie.

When it full on snowed earlier this week I was sure Geoff was going to fly the coop and give up Oregon all together.

Spring break can't come soon enough.

(Thanks for the J. beibs stickers SG--Geoff loved them. I even snuck one on the back of his shirt on his way out to home teach today. Does that make me a bad wife??)


Empire state of mind.

I came. I saw. It conquered.

New York.
The trash on the streets, no.
The people however, yes. 

Can I mention those pigeons are fearless. One of them almost took out my eye.

Times Square--where we stayed. This was taken at 2am when we got in.

The Hudson. It had literally frozen over. My moms show was right here on the pier.

Shake shack. 
I went there three times--twice just for the black&white shakes.

'Yum Yum' Thai food on restaurant row. 

We went to two broadway shows. First we went to Spiderman and then to Phantom of the Opera. 
I cant explain how cool spiderman was. I loved it. Everypart of the stage was made of moving parts and the characters would fly all over the audience.

30 Rock.

Magnolia Bakery.
I literally had the best cupcake of my life. 
I gave my sister their cookbook for christmas this year because I know how much she loves to make ther vanilla cake recipe.
I totally regret giving it to her and not keeping it for myself. 

are you dying?

We went to The American Girl Place. 
They had everything for your dolls--like this headgear set.
Where was this when I was 15?
I had ditched my dolls by then but maybe if they had to go through braces too I wouldnt have.

My morning cab ride. My mom wouldnt let me go around NY by myself but had no problem sending my in a cab alone.

I was a lot of fun, but by the end all of us were ready to get back.


Happy Birthday, Husband.

I love you, Geebs. 
Your genuine, kind and loving. 
I love how you treat others--
(except for your physical altercations during elders quorum basketball :)
and I like your deep rooted love for J. Beibs. 

But I really love how perfectly this teeny tiny (i.e. average sized) jersey fits you.

I suprised G with a weekend at the coast, But I should have known we were in for trouble when I saw this on our door.

Thankfully we had a monogrammed cake to drown our sorrows in because our bed was literally the size of shoe box--complete with footboard that was "slightly" constricting of my 6'6" husband (I barely had room for my 5'9" body).
somewhere in the middle of the night I had the genius(?) idea of removing the mattress from the bed and putting it on the floor. 
And although it did give us room to stretch--it did not provide a better nights sleep.
Thankgoodness I had that couples massage scheduled for the next day.

so dreamy...

Happy 23rd Birthday Geoffy!