I know, I know, I know.

I know this is going to blow up in my face for saying this (cough, cough arizona compadres)

But it this weather continues im going to die.
aint. no. lie.

When it full on snowed earlier this week I was sure Geoff was going to fly the coop and give up Oregon all together.

Spring break can't come soon enough.

(Thanks for the J. beibs stickers SG--Geoff loved them. I even snuck one on the back of his shirt on his way out to home teach today. Does that make me a bad wife??)


britney said...

LOL - thanks kt. I needed that laugh. I think I may have peed my pants had i witnessed the sticker on the back of the big man's shirt. Love it! Cant wait for spring break either. hopefully i will get to see you both a little bit!

Shellene said...

just to let j beibs buddy know - it's only 43ยบ here right now. we've gone through a real cold snap the last few days. couldn't go to cabin AGAIN this weekend because of snow. We're hoping it's all gone so we can have a dangity good time when you guys come!! Nertz! Plus, you may have to just repeat your peanut butter cupcakes again while here this year. sg-out

MichelleY said...

don't worry Katie, it was like 50 degrees this weekend and i didn't even want to leave the house :) give me back the sun!