Happy Birthday, Husband.

I love you, Geebs. 
Your genuine, kind and loving. 
I love how you treat others--
(except for your physical altercations during elders quorum basketball :)
and I like your deep rooted love for J. Beibs. 

But I really love how perfectly this teeny tiny (i.e. average sized) jersey fits you.

I suprised G with a weekend at the coast, But I should have known we were in for trouble when I saw this on our door.

Thankfully we had a monogrammed cake to drown our sorrows in because our bed was literally the size of shoe box--complete with footboard that was "slightly" constricting of my 6'6" husband (I barely had room for my 5'9" body).
somewhere in the middle of the night I had the genius(?) idea of removing the mattress from the bed and putting it on the floor. 
And although it did give us room to stretch--it did not provide a better nights sleep.
Thankgoodness I had that couples massage scheduled for the next day.

so dreamy...

Happy 23rd Birthday Geoffy!


Shellene said...

what the devil is up with that kinky valentine's porthole picture on the door? I would have asked for your money back. besides the visual polution the bed episode sounds really bad. el expensive for a night of torture. not in my book. love the pictures and commentary though.

happy birthday my baby boy!

britney said...

ah! happy bithday - glad you were able to make it a special birthday Kt!

MichelleY said...

happy birthday gibbles....but why did you take a picture of him through the porthole and why wasn't he wearing his bday boxers?