Merry Christmas!

...and a Happy New Year!

The Garners


Dearest Britney,

he looks something like this:

little eyes. big beard. size 8 hat.
Hope that helps.


Holy Smokes Batman!

Its my MIL's birthday today...

Your one H-E-double hockey sticks of a woman SG!
You make me laugh more than anyone I know!

Love and miss ya!


I have no intentions of seeing Tron...

Glad I got that off my chest.

I have nothing for you. Im sorry. Nothing is going on here.

My house is cold. Really cold. The couch is almost unbearable to sit on. I will conserve, I will conserve.

I found a smokin' hot deal tonight. Paper Cloth + Denim designer jeans for my nephew Levi. $70 for kids jeans? No wonder they had so many at Ross....and for the sweet price of $9.99.

Im currently reading: 'All The Presidents Men'....My deep love for Nixon continues.

I'm currently missing: My husband. If you see him send him my way.

Im currently watching: National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

This recipe will not make you skinny, but its incredibly delicious and with a working candy thermometer is totally easy.

Peace easy, yo.