My sister sent me an email yesterday.
It was so funny--I cant help but share.
My niece Gwen is 6 and perfect in every single way.
She will steal your heart in an instant.

My sister and her family are in The Dalles right now.
Her and Gwen had this conversation yesterday:

Sarah: It will be fun when my sister gets here.
Gwen: You have a sister?
S: Um, yeah. You know, Aunt Katie!
G: (total suprise) Sheeee's your sister?
S: Of course she is. Who did you think she was?
G: I thought she was your cousin.
S: No Gwen, shes my sister. Richard and Mike are my brothers.
G: (again total complete shock and suprise) You have brooothers?
S: Yes. Good grief, who did you think they were?
G: Mom, I cant even remember who those boys are you are talking about!

Shes too funny!



We're alive.
--I knew you were worried.
We havent been up to much around here.
We had a good halloween--we rocked togas like nobodys business.
We had a few awesome...and a few bad football games.
And we (I) have been ringing in the holiday season by listening to as much Christmas music as humanly possible and eating the occasional chocolate orange (l.o.v.e.).

I havent been blogging because I let my sister borrow my computer for a few weeks so she could surf the web to find a house to buy back East. (lame. I'll forever blame Jeff for relocating them to the east coast).
Aaaand I hate blogging from Geoff's computer-so i've given up blogging all together. 

I'd share pictures but its more bothersome to upload them to Geoff's computer too.
(I made an exception and decided to break my bond of silence from the blogisphere tonight)

Can you believe its already Thanksgiving week? Everything is going by so quickly!
I ordered a sweet little holiday dress from Ann Taylor--that wait however is not going by so quick.
I  just want my dress already.

This Thanksgiving Geoff and I are spending it with 100 other large, hungry men--some people refer to them as the football team.
No exceptions for practice even on Thanksgiving.
Thankfully they are still going to feed them a thanksgiving feast at the Football Center.
Not quite your typical thanksgiving--but its a warm meal!

I'm so thankful.
for Geoff. Our family. My job. My religion, and all the little and big things my Heavenly Father blesses me with.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!