is there a doctor in the house? and other matters...

we wrapped up October with a sick awesome costume down at our local trunk or treat (thanks to the 'think tank' for the costume idea!)

Geoff and I dressed up as Operation with me as his Dr.

the trunk or treat lasted all of 15 minutes before we were cleaned out of our candy stash, we then spent some time at our favorite family, The Romrells house before going to late night eats at Applebees where we were 15 minutes late of winning the best costume for the night! bummer!

Other matters...

a lot of this has been happening at our house lately:

Geoffs been studying film like crazy. The big man got his first career start last weekend against Stanford. Its been so much fun getting to watch him play this year. 

My dad and I enjoyed watching the game in the covered section. No rain on us made for an enjoyable day. 

in other news, our life must be more stressful these days or something--between football, my 9 hour days, and my new title of 'acting store manager' (hopefully the 'acting' part will go away and just the 'store manager' part can remain. Regardless of what happens, I welcome the new challenges ahead). 

anyway, all geoff and I (but mostly geoff) talk about is our bed. He loves that thing more than me.. At the end of the day he cant wait to get into the bed. Its truly is the best bed around. 

(excuse her nakedness, she does have a bedskirt now)

my favorite part is what i find in that bed. Like him...

and her...

and sometimes, they even like to share.