grilled cheese sandwiches.

Its what brought us together,

And made him fall in love with me.

I promise to always make them for you.

More stats, please?

Its reasons like these that remind me why I would never want to be a stats major:

Why would I want to read a book that looks like that, when I get to read books like this:

My major is so much better.


Crockskin, buttercream, buttercream...

Tonight was the last night of cake deco class. My final project:

It doesnt look super classy but for the least amount of effort I could put in, im okay with the results. The little girl in my class made an OSU beavers cake with a barbie doll head stuck in it. She told me she wanted to give it to Mike Riley. I said I thought he'd really enjoy it--and of course not say anything bad about it at all as per his usual nature.

This was not my final project:

and no it wont let me rotate it.

And in proper SG creeper style, I was able to snap a picture of this guy at the Arizona game:

What is up with that hair? Seriously? Out of all the ways he could have cut his hair, he chose this one? Im pretty sure he gets turned down in job interviews because of that hair. How could you take him seriously? But apparently it runs in the family, bad hair I mean. I didnt snap a pic but his wife had bad curls and his daughter had some bad hair herself. Someone needs to take that family in and do a good deed.

And in other news, the beavs debuted their snazzy new orange uniforms:

And did I mention I filled my cake deco class cake with orange buttercream? I had lots left over from the beaver cake.



And you think you've got problems

Every night I go to cake deco class, frosting goes from my cake to the windshield. Geoff suggested that I put my cakes on the passenger seat, instead of the dash--I now have frosting all over the passenger seat too. And just to let you know, that frosting is still there. I'm too busy doing laundry because apparently we know how to wear our clothes way too much.


In french blue...

I--and Geoff I suppose too, although he keeps asking what the big deal about this "chicken mixer" is--am the proud new owner of a french blue kitchen aid. My mom--bless her heart--called me about 15 times trying to figure out what color I would want and still be discrete about all of it. Her cover was blown after the second call. It was a very kind wedding gift from my parents. We were able to drive into Portland and have dinner with them yesterday when they gifted us with it.

All the ladies in cake deco class rave about their Kitchen Aid's. Now I can fit in and be popular too. Finally....

I decided to break it in tonight and make some cookies, which didnt turn out absolutly perfect so I wont show them.

Since Geoff is a "ice cream guy" and not a "cookie guy" I end up eating everything I make so please, please ask me to make you something so I can bake and not gain. Please?


The Wilton Rose.

Totally mastered it at cake deco class last night.

I promise to get a better picture of my final cake next week.


2nd Place

Tonight, we got second place. But otherwise...

Levi knows where its at. The game was fun, I lost my faith for awhile and then gained it and then I sat back down. But the night wasn't a total loss. Richard, Levi and myself decided to follow a group of people into the football center after the game to see if we could get to Geoff sooner. Instead it took us up to the club level where those who pay for club passes--as well as Richard and I--were treated to sodas and popcorn and a press conference. We gabbed the goods and left. We went back outside and found Geoff and headed back home.


Bottomless Boys.

I dont know if you've ever dined with 30 big and hungry football players but I have....recently. Yesterday was one of the O-line guys' birthday. The intention was to have the o-line men meet at Red Robin to eat and spend their per diem.. Of course no one can miss out on the fun and soon there were defensive ends and quarterbacks too. And incase you have never been to Red Robin they have a great, yet evil policy on bottomless fries and lemonades. As long as you eat 'em, they keep coming. Every ten minutes there were baskets of fries being delivered to our table and they didnt stop. The baskets kept piling up and so did the lemonade glasses. I've never seen anything like it in my life, nor been so jealous. Totally wild night.

eat me.


Bite me.

Monday night I had my second cake decorating class. It was a lot of fun. We had to bring in a pre-made round, frosted. We spent the most of our time learning to pipe and write. After that we had to do a rainbow design on our cake. We didnt get to finish, but this is the end result.
Geoff and I didnt care for the buttercream, probably because it was made with crisco--to get it extra white--yuck. But it was a lot of fun, the other girls in my class are a lot of fun, too. Except for this one woman who talked about keeping human specimines in her fridge--totally freak me out, right?
(sorry about the wonky pic, I dont know why its rotating that way or how to fix it.)


What happens in Vegas...

God sees.
Geeze SG! I kid, i kid. I made her do it. See? Here I am winning a dollar. Big money, big money.
I came, I conquered, I won. Ultimately we weren't there to gamble, we were there to go to the game. It was so stressful. We were up the whole game until about 2 minutes left, and then we weren't ahead--which made me scream and say things under my breath. But thankfully with 10 seconds left on the clock, our kicker finally got it right and kicked it straight through. If he hadn't, I knew where to find him. After I screamed with joy, the woman in front of me grabbed my hands and then we screamed with joy together. Check out my boyeee:
Afterwards we got to hang out with Geoff--before they flew the team back to Corvallis.
It was a fun weekend trip. Vegas is pretty cool and I would love to see it again. After my big win I dont think I could gamble again; however Geoff told me not to be afraid to unleash the beast. Maybe next time.


Phantom Plays

Last night Geoff started calling out plays in his sleep. I can deal with it, but if he is ever in bed with the opposing team, Coach Cav is going to be really upset.



Beaver football is officially undefeated as well as my husband. Geoff played in his first official Division One football game and he did wonderful--well except for that one part that we dont talk about but always remember to mention that it wasnt all his fault. Katz should have moved, ok? Anyway the night before Geoff came home to show me his new get-up.
Careful ladies, hes married--thats the first thing he said anyway. Geoff was excited to leave me at home that night for the unlimited Cold Stone ice cream they had for them at their hotel. I cant compare to that. We got to the game and it rained faithfully.
At the beginning of the game the whole team runs out of the giant inflatable helmet. They also have smoke machines go off. Geoff got a little lost in the smoke but found his way back.
Our seats were good but the people were soo mean. At half time me and Geoff's old mission companion Brodie and his brother Zach snuck into the student section and after a couple plays found ourselves a spot on the 50 yard line, front row. I never realized how great the student section was. Everyone cheers and has fun and high-fives each other. Our old section was a little cranky--but the game was around nap time. We also happened to score ourselves a spot right behind this guy:
Major hottie.
Some pics from the game.

Geoff did a great job! He hasnt played in a football game in so long and not only that but he played in an arena with 42,000 people watching--for the first time ever. After the game they allow you to go down on the field and play around.
We also got some other fun shots:
Final Score:
Geoff loves holding baby. It makes him feel like hes doing something important and responsible.
And then after everything, we ate. Since Geoff came into our lives we dont eat anywhere except Applebee's. Eyes are always bigger than stomach's. Fact.


Picture This

Some pictures I like that I wanted to share.

Geoff grew some  hair.
He also got some sweet tan lines. Those'll make any girl jealous.
I stumbled upon this website this week. animalswithcasts.com. Can you even handle how cute that is?

Remember when I told you to rent Another Stakeout?  You didnt did you? Or else you would know exactly what this is. Its a meatloaf in the shape of an armadillo--of course.
Are you powered by orange? I know I am. (What that even means, I have no idea. I do know that I make fun of it a lot.) Or better yet--Got Beaver? (Shellene). OSU vs. PSU this weekend! Vote for Geoff!