What happens in Vegas...

God sees.
Geeze SG! I kid, i kid. I made her do it. See? Here I am winning a dollar. Big money, big money.
I came, I conquered, I won. Ultimately we weren't there to gamble, we were there to go to the game. It was so stressful. We were up the whole game until about 2 minutes left, and then we weren't ahead--which made me scream and say things under my breath. But thankfully with 10 seconds left on the clock, our kicker finally got it right and kicked it straight through. If he hadn't, I knew where to find him. After I screamed with joy, the woman in front of me grabbed my hands and then we screamed with joy together. Check out my boyeee:
Afterwards we got to hang out with Geoff--before they flew the team back to Corvallis.
It was a fun weekend trip. Vegas is pretty cool and I would love to see it again. After my big win I dont think I could gamble again; however Geoff told me not to be afraid to unleash the beast. Maybe next time.


Shellene said...

great...the secret's out now with my peeps back home... and i played like the trip was so innocent!!!

mike said...

What a fun trip! Hope all the snoring and bad air didn't discourage you. Of course I'm talking about the bad air in the casinos, what else would I be talking about? I was happy to hear you made your flight ok, I was worried the pancake breakfast special would make you miss it, and I hated kicking you out at the curb! I hope we get to do it again soon, like Dad's weekend or of course the Civil War. I'm not sure I could turn Shellene loose with you again in the casinos, you and A-Rod were gambling with such reckless abandonment!! What did you win in the end? Wasn't it ONE Large?!!! I'm way out of my league! G-Baby, you looked good in your whites! Love you guys!