Crockskin, buttercream, buttercream...

Tonight was the last night of cake deco class. My final project:

It doesnt look super classy but for the least amount of effort I could put in, im okay with the results. The little girl in my class made an OSU beavers cake with a barbie doll head stuck in it. She told me she wanted to give it to Mike Riley. I said I thought he'd really enjoy it--and of course not say anything bad about it at all as per his usual nature.

This was not my final project:

and no it wont let me rotate it.

And in proper SG creeper style, I was able to snap a picture of this guy at the Arizona game:

What is up with that hair? Seriously? Out of all the ways he could have cut his hair, he chose this one? Im pretty sure he gets turned down in job interviews because of that hair. How could you take him seriously? But apparently it runs in the family, bad hair I mean. I didnt snap a pic but his wife had bad curls and his daughter had some bad hair herself. Someone needs to take that family in and do a good deed.

And in other news, the beavs debuted their snazzy new orange uniforms:

And did I mention I filled my cake deco class cake with orange buttercream? I had lots left over from the beaver cake.


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Shellene said...

you do me proud, katie did!