Phantom Plays

Last night Geoff started calling out plays in his sleep. I can deal with it, but if he is ever in bed with the opposing team, Coach Cav is going to be really upset.

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mike said...

Katie, thanks for all the pictures!!We just finished watching the game recorded on Saturday and I have to say that Geoff had a real solid game. Quit killing yourself for your last play. You held the guy off for almost 5 seconds and your QB needed to move up in the pocket that was clearly open to him. He lost track and pannicked. I'm really proud of how well you did. You don't think so, but I saw a solid game, especially for not having been on the field of play for 3.5 years!!! Remember to stay in your crouch a little longer. Solid game. Katie, it was good to see your family at the game and I'm glad Geoff has them to support him when we can't be there. But next week it's our turn to go and be a part of it all and if Geoff doesn't see any play time, it'll be just fine. Love you guys!