how I love thee. Its clearly the best month. The weather gets gloomy, the trees change to orange, red, purple and yellow, and you get to wear all your favorite fall clothes. On top of all of that we have had a lot of fun this month. Today we spent our Sunday exactly how we like to--family dinner with the Folsoms. Its always the best start to our week (or the best way to end the week, however you like to see it :).

Heres how we've spent our October so far:

we've had some awesome visitors

We went to the pumpkin patch

and displayed our pumpkins proudly!

We celebrated a birthday--

happy 24th to me!

Spent nights eating out and playing pool

and best of all geoff got his big debut as center out on the field!

he served up some pancakes, rightfully so!

Heres to October and hopefully the rest of the month being just as fun!