when you go to the airport, your flight can get delyed. Sometimes, that can be an hour. Sometimes, they will move your gate at the last minute and you might think its the rushing of the bulls. And sometimes, they might cram you all into that plane and tell you there is another delay due to traffic jams on the tarmac. Which means sometimes you just barely make it to your connection on time to catch the next plane. And sometimes you might go to baggage claim and wait and watch everyone get their bags until your the only one left. Sometimes that means you might have to talk to Rick in the lost baggage office and he might take down your parents address in The Dalles and your own address in Corvallis. Sometimes Rick might tell you hes sorry your bag was lost and you might say, "I dont think you really are Rick". And then sometimes Anne might call you at 10:30 pm to tell you they found your bag and that it will get to you sometime in the night. And then sometimes you might get a call from Rafe at three in the morning telling you hes outside and needs you to sign for the luggage. And sometimes you might get dressed and go downstairs and open your door only to discover that Rafe isnt outside your door. Sometimes you might have to call rafe back and then he will tell you hes in The Dalles at your parents house and not at your house in Corvallis. And sometimes that might make Rafe get a little uncomfortable and apologetic but its not Rafes fault, its Ricks. And then sometimes Jim will call you in the morning and apologize for Ricks behavior. Which means sometimes you have to go your whole day without a hair dryer, make-up and the clothes you like. And sometimes before all that happened you might have thought your worst problem was carrying fake flowers  from Hobby Lobby all around the airport and having people stare at you.


I love Corvallis...

And I'll tell you why. Oregon is a pretty odd place in and of itself. Its a very ecclectic state. Lots of farmers, hipsters, yuppies, hippies, average joes, homeless, and all other sorts. Its also the birthplace of Niketown, USA (but thats not what im here to talk about). A couple of days ago we got our Corvallis Parks and Rec Activity Guide:

I was pretty stoked when I found out they were offering these classes:

Milk without the MOO! Make your own fresh and natural milk out of soybeans, brown rice and nuts. "Oh hey geoff, heres a fresh glass of brown rice milk. Enjoy!" 

Beans and Grains Magic. I think Geoff is already skilled in that magical fruit known as beans. 

After we dine on our beans and drink our brown rice milk, we can join a unicycle hockey league. 
Just the summer activity we were looking for. Somethin' to keep us in shape during the off season.

FYI, there is a goth girl on campus who always rides a unicycle to class or if your looking for something a little more stable, you can find "tall bike guy" who has modified his bike by sautering two on top of each other. My personal favorite is "barefoot guy". He always wears overalls--cutoff overalls during the spring--and never wears shoes. Always barefoot no matter what the weather. We've got some weird people down here. But I love 'em.

(I'll try and snap some pictures of them for ya, Shellene--our very own resident creep-tographer).


Im just going to admit...

I love Gene Simmons Family Jewels, not his family jewels per say but his TV show entitled "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".  I've loved this show for the longest time. I hardly ever get to watch it, but every once in a while when I notice its on the tube, ill stop and watch it. Gene Simmons is so subtly funny and Shannon Tweed is great. Its not vulgar--although I havent seen all of it, so dont hold me too accountable. But I promise you'll laugh.



Vintage is becoming quite the "it" word these days. Vintage clothing and home decor can be really great stuff. They also use the word at red carpets when celebrities say they are wearing a vintage dress by a  high end designer. I think its really great. And im thankful that the Dollar Tree by our house can also offer me all the sweet "vintage finds" I could want and such great prices.

(may contain seconds, thrift store quality or gently-used products)

Talk about a word taken out of context. 


Football Banquet

Last night we went to the football banquet. On our way out the door I grabbed my camera and Geoff said "Please dont take any pictures. I dont want you to bring your camera." I said well you at least have to let me take one on our way out. So I snapped this photo--and then threw my camera in my bag. A girl has to be able to take some photos!

But then again, we were in the back and the photos really arent that great.
Heres Coach Riley surrounded by all the sweet jerserys for the seniors.

Another bad photo but if you look close you can see Geoff and his beard walking up to the front to get his lettermans jacket for playing in some games this year. 

Check it out!!
Lookin' fine.

After the carnage.

It was a fun night. They had some serious awards--like the "Team" award given to Lyle Moevao who spoke for a bit and made me want to cry right along with him. They also had some funny awards like "best kisser as voted by a sorority" and "most likely to eat at in-n-out after a workout". Lots of fun and lots of good food. 


Swass attack! To the maxxx!

Geoff came home from a basketball game covered in sweat (whats new?) 
Then he sat on my couch.
Then I realized that he was sittin on my couch and I said "Hey, get off that couch and take a shower Swassy Pants." Then he said "My butts not even that sweaty!" 
But then we saw this when he got up.

Swass is attacking my life. 
I see it at home, I see it at the gym.
I see swass. 


Opposites attract?

Last night I took this photo. Geoff and I were sitting on the couch and he was trying on some new cleats. He put his legs up and I put mine up on his. Then I was looking at our feet, him in his cleats and me in my new (bright white) converse (say good bye to the ratty old ones I've had since high school). I looked at him and I said "I think it speaks to our personalities".

 What it said I wasnt really sure. We're just so opposite in ways. Most obvious im not athletic. Most athletes I know marry other athletes, and then breed athletic babies. I'm active but not athletic. But I thought, thats okay. I like him and he likes me and somehow we work together. But then, I was in class today and my teacher said "The old addage that opposites attract isnt true and almost all marriages between those who are opposite end in divorce!" Well then. Thankfully I plan on proving those statistics wrong.