I love Corvallis...

And I'll tell you why. Oregon is a pretty odd place in and of itself. Its a very ecclectic state. Lots of farmers, hipsters, yuppies, hippies, average joes, homeless, and all other sorts. Its also the birthplace of Niketown, USA (but thats not what im here to talk about). A couple of days ago we got our Corvallis Parks and Rec Activity Guide:

I was pretty stoked when I found out they were offering these classes:

Milk without the MOO! Make your own fresh and natural milk out of soybeans, brown rice and nuts. "Oh hey geoff, heres a fresh glass of brown rice milk. Enjoy!" 

Beans and Grains Magic. I think Geoff is already skilled in that magical fruit known as beans. 

After we dine on our beans and drink our brown rice milk, we can join a unicycle hockey league. 
Just the summer activity we were looking for. Somethin' to keep us in shape during the off season.

FYI, there is a goth girl on campus who always rides a unicycle to class or if your looking for something a little more stable, you can find "tall bike guy" who has modified his bike by sautering two on top of each other. My personal favorite is "barefoot guy". He always wears overalls--cutoff overalls during the spring--and never wears shoes. Always barefoot no matter what the weather. We've got some weird people down here. But I love 'em.

(I'll try and snap some pictures of them for ya, Shellene--our very own resident creep-tographer).


mike said...

You've got to love those classes. I want to take "Adult Frisbee Action"...How to play catch with your very own wham-O frisbee while still looking "good" for the girls at 60. Advanced Frisbee action, "catching the frisbee between your wheel-chair's wheels while catching your little lady's eye.And very advanced frisbee action, catching frisbees with your mouth while your teeth are still being repaired at the Dentist office. Extra points for not drooling on the frisbee while in your mouth. Corvalis' best feature in the summer, the climate and the green everything.
Hasta Pronto!

Brianne said...

Is tall bike guy and overalls/barefoot still there? Maybe they're not actually students. Maybe they just roam around campus to give people things to talk about. Excellent PR move.

P.S. I always called barefoot guy Jesus. I think it's the beard.

Geoff + Katie said...

See, if I called him Jesus, then I would get him confused with the "Moses/father time guy" on campus. I havent seen barefoot guy in a while, and I must say, It kinda makes me sad.