Football Banquet

Last night we went to the football banquet. On our way out the door I grabbed my camera and Geoff said "Please dont take any pictures. I dont want you to bring your camera." I said well you at least have to let me take one on our way out. So I snapped this photo--and then threw my camera in my bag. A girl has to be able to take some photos!

But then again, we were in the back and the photos really arent that great.
Heres Coach Riley surrounded by all the sweet jerserys for the seniors.

Another bad photo but if you look close you can see Geoff and his beard walking up to the front to get his lettermans jacket for playing in some games this year. 

Check it out!!
Lookin' fine.

After the carnage.

It was a fun night. They had some serious awards--like the "Team" award given to Lyle Moevao who spoke for a bit and made me want to cry right along with him. They also had some funny awards like "best kisser as voted by a sorority" and "most likely to eat at in-n-out after a workout". Lots of fun and lots of good food. 

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mike said...

OK, so I have to guess that Geoff got the In-N-Out award hands down? Looks like it was fun. See you guys soon!!