For health? Or just to support your habit?

I dont have a stance on medical marijuana. I dont. But there is a guy who has been standing outside the library for the past couple days, trying to get people to register to vote so they can pass a medical marijuana dispensory law. Look, you look like a druggie, you are a druggie. I'm pretty sure you think this is going to get you closer to legalizing the weed but I'm tired of you calling me "babe" everytime I pass through the library doors (library = necessary evil). He told me it will help save grandma. Dear grandma Eleanor, if your dying (which your not) please dont smoke pot, for me? Please? Thanks grandma.

besides, I dont want my grandma looking like Amy Winehouse.


Did you know?

I have a magic clothes dryer? I do. It pays US to dry clothes. I know it sounds crazy but it is absolutely true.

My parents bought a new washer and dryer, thus bestowing us with their old ones. So one day I went into the laundry room/bathroom (its weird I know. Its a small laundry room off the kitchen and there there is a toilet in there. It doesnt make sense, but its great if you dont want to go upstairs to take care of business.) to take care of business (tmi, I know, but there is no way of getting around that part if im going to tell the story). I noticed that there were 4 quarters under the corner of the dryer. I thought it was weird but didnt give it much thought. I just pocketed the change and went on with my day. But then I kept noticing that after I had used the dryer and was taking care of business there was always some amount of change, some quarters, dimes, nickles and just a week ago a nickle and a guitar pick. They would always be in the same spot as before, right under the corner of the dryer. So anyway, Geoff and I have found a new way to build up our savings!!  Wahooo! Great savings plan, huh?

In other news, I have been meaning to do this but have gotten busy as it is week 8 in school and everyone seems to think this is a great time to have everything due. But my sister in law Liesl sent this award my way via her blog.

Gracias Liesl--Did you know Liesl has a very cute little boy with the biggest cheeks ever? Its adorable.

See I told you. 
Its also Liesl's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Liesl!
(and happy birthday to my other sister in law Michelle, yesterday)

So, with this award I am supposed to say 7 interesting things about me.

1. I hate grocery shopping. I'm really bad at it.
2. I get magazines every month and never read them.
3. I recently (4 days strong) gave up sweets. Its killing me.
4. I love white chocolate
5. I watch Blades of Glory at night everytime Geoff travels for football. Its our favorite and it gives me a sense of security when i'm home alone at night.
6. Im getting pretty dang good at making chinese food
7. Im graduating with a bachelors degree this summer!
(that last one was more of an announcement more than an interesting fact)

I decided to stop persuing my education degree and finish school with my degree in merchandising management. Im really scared to enter the real world but im excited to be done with school (it was getting very tiresome). I spent a lot of time pondering this decision and I know it is the right one for me.

Now im supposed to nominate some people.

I nominate my friend Bri.
Bri, you need to update your blog more, so im giving you an excuse to do so. 
(p.s. Bri--Laura is engaged!!)


hot for teacher



A couple weeks ago I became privvy to a promotion by Disney called "Give a day, get a Disney day." All you have to do is volunteer at a participating group in your area and you get a free one day pass into Disneyland. 

And it all kind of worked out perfect because we will be in California for the big Oceanside beach trip this summer, which also happens to fall on our anniversary. 

Did you know I've never been to Disneyland???

I know, its absolutely horrible.

Anyway, I signed Geoff and I up and we did our volunteer work today. We volunteered at a place called Home Life. It houses and takes care of disabled adults. We signed up to help paint tenants rooms.
I was excited about it because I thought that I was going to be able to meet some of the people. Instead we ended up painting a womans office there, which was kind of weird. 

It was a pretty good day though, which included minimal compaining from Geoff (did I tell you I dragged him into this? He said we should just buy tickets  because they are only 30 bucks---they arent 30 bucks they are more like 70 bucks) and we only had to deal with 4 other girls who were volunteering from Eugene. (They were ANNOYING!) 

But now we have some sweet free passes into Disney!
I'd say it was totally worth it.


Judge Geoff

Whilst dining at the fine eatery known as "Subway" Geoff and I had this conversation:

Katie: "Do you wanna get a Redbox tonight?"

Geoff: "I dunno, that one at Safeway doesnt have a very good selection"

Katie: "True"

Geoff: "And besides, the finals for mens figure skating is on tonight."

Geoff seems to think he is a judge at the Olympics. He critiques everything, especially mens figure skating. Its his favorite event.

Of course critiquing the outfits is also especially interesting. Some of these guys have seriously out done themselves. I get it Johnny Weir, I get it.

You too champ. 
I'm sure that outfit was hand picked to perfection.

but seriously? 
Its worse than any of those feathered, glittlered body suits. 



Everyone is talking about couponing--especially my sister. They have a million blogs to help you out too. I dont coupon beause I dont have the time to map out each store im going to go to for each deal. Its just not in the cards. However, I wandered over to one of those blogs the other day and found a deal I couldnt pass up. 
Geoff uses deodrant like its going out of style. With having football everyday hes always showering and reapplying this stuff. Needless to say I am spending tons of money on his pits. There was a coupon posted for $2 off 2 sticks of Right Guard deodrant (geoff's fav) and Safeway was running a sweet deal on them at 10/$10. Which means each one was a buck and I got a dollar off each stick, which really means I got 4 things of deo for F.R.E.E. 

And that my friends is the best kind of price. 



The day after Geoff's birthday I threw him a party (we would have done it on Thursday, the actual day of his birth, but nothing can get in the way of Geoff's elder quorum basketball games). I made some sweet treats for everyone

And Geoff blew out the candles "like a real man" with only one blow (hes always talking to me about his awesome lung capacity, whatever)

Thank goodness we moved, or else we never would have been able to fit a dozen friends in our little Shadow Hills apartment. 

After our little party, we headed to The Dalles (@10pm) for a quick weekend trip (it was a very last minute decision).
My sister was in town and Geoff didnt have to teach sunday school on account of it being stake conference at church. 

It was short but it was fun. On Saturday my mom, sister, her girls and Geoff and I went to Klindt's bookstore downtown and we all picked out a book. Sweet deal, thanks mom!
We hung out until late Sunday night and then headed home. 
A quick but fun weekend. 




Today that man of mine turns 22!
(way to finally catch up with me, dude).

( I know we just couldnt wait for this photo to get revisited)

Heres 22 reasons why hes totally awesome

1. Hes a great student
2. A wonderful friend
3. A hard worker

4. A great football player
5. Knows all the right ways to "sculpt" his facial hair

6. Loves me

7. Loves his family
8. Loves my family

(Please blow up this photo and check out our nieces in the front, Noah is totally giving a teenage face. And Geoff thought it would be funny to stick his hand on my bum  during this photo--not cool Geoff.)

9. Hes a total stud
10. Hes makes everyone laugh

11. Hes a friend to everyone
12. Hes an awesome uncle

13. Loves helping others in need
14. Hes so handsome
15. Hes got a great bum

16. Hes still a kid at heart

17. He lives his religion

18. He makes me happy and knows how to fix my bad moods
19. Hes loyal to those he loves

20. Hes a stellar cribbage player 
21. Hes a great husband

22. Hes got the best smile :)

I love you Geoff and Im so glad we are together. 

*and a great deal of thanks to Jones and Shellene ;)


Everything good comes from Sweden.

I've had a rough week. 
Geoff noticed.
I came home to a 1.9 lb bag of swedish fish on the table.
I love swedish fish and he loves me.

But that also means that i've been grabbing a handful of these guys everytime I head out the door to go to the gym (amongst other various time during the day :)



Basket ballin'

I know, I know, I know what your thinking.

Wet T-shirt contest, right?

But you'd be wrong. So wrong.
Thats just all his sweat.

(swass included).


Lets eat some cake!

My sister sent me a link the other night to a Huffington Post article about the meanest cakes of all time. I never knew people could express anger on something so sweet. This one being my favorite:

Not exactly the suprise im looking for on the day after.
That giant cookie certainly isn't going to fix that problem.

This one is especially kind....and racist??
I dont know if the Native American drawing is a reference to Pat's heritage or her new job?

And on a side note:

Happy Birthday to my brother Michael today.

Thats what you get for being the middle child. 
Sorry dude. 

Nah, i'm just kidding! Happy Birthday older bro!


Happy, happy


Geoff claims this to be the best month of all.

And speaking of which, wouldnt this have been perfect during your pregnancy days SG?