Did you know?

I have a magic clothes dryer? I do. It pays US to dry clothes. I know it sounds crazy but it is absolutely true.

My parents bought a new washer and dryer, thus bestowing us with their old ones. So one day I went into the laundry room/bathroom (its weird I know. Its a small laundry room off the kitchen and there there is a toilet in there. It doesnt make sense, but its great if you dont want to go upstairs to take care of business.) to take care of business (tmi, I know, but there is no way of getting around that part if im going to tell the story). I noticed that there were 4 quarters under the corner of the dryer. I thought it was weird but didnt give it much thought. I just pocketed the change and went on with my day. But then I kept noticing that after I had used the dryer and was taking care of business there was always some amount of change, some quarters, dimes, nickles and just a week ago a nickle and a guitar pick. They would always be in the same spot as before, right under the corner of the dryer. So anyway, Geoff and I have found a new way to build up our savings!!  Wahooo! Great savings plan, huh?

In other news, I have been meaning to do this but have gotten busy as it is week 8 in school and everyone seems to think this is a great time to have everything due. But my sister in law Liesl sent this award my way via her blog.

Gracias Liesl--Did you know Liesl has a very cute little boy with the biggest cheeks ever? Its adorable.

See I told you. 
Its also Liesl's birthday today.
Happy Birthday Liesl!
(and happy birthday to my other sister in law Michelle, yesterday)

So, with this award I am supposed to say 7 interesting things about me.

1. I hate grocery shopping. I'm really bad at it.
2. I get magazines every month and never read them.
3. I recently (4 days strong) gave up sweets. Its killing me.
4. I love white chocolate
5. I watch Blades of Glory at night everytime Geoff travels for football. Its our favorite and it gives me a sense of security when i'm home alone at night.
6. Im getting pretty dang good at making chinese food
7. Im graduating with a bachelors degree this summer!
(that last one was more of an announcement more than an interesting fact)

I decided to stop persuing my education degree and finish school with my degree in merchandising management. Im really scared to enter the real world but im excited to be done with school (it was getting very tiresome). I spent a lot of time pondering this decision and I know it is the right one for me.

Now im supposed to nominate some people.

I nominate my friend Bri.
Bri, you need to update your blog more, so im giving you an excuse to do so. 
(p.s. Bri--Laura is engaged!!)


Brian and Liesl Garner said...

Yay! Thanks for the Bday shout out!

Also, I envy your will power on giving up sweets. That's dang near impossible for me... maybe i should just try it sometime? Congrats on graduating this summer. How awesome :)

Geoff + Katie said...

If I can do it anyone can. I promise you!! Im a straight up addict!

MichelleY said...

way to go on the no sweets....this week was brutal with all the bday cake, and I also used to hate grocery shopping, but nowadays it is my excuse for alone time....have you ever shopped with brodie - not fun, he wants everything he sees and he GETS IT, but now that I think of it Geoff is probably very similar to shop with :)

Brianne said...


I KNEW the second she told me she was going to school in Idaho she would get engaged pretty fast. She's quite the catch!

P.S. Maybe I will get pregnant! Although, I don't think I should do it just so I can update my blog more...