A couple weeks ago I became privvy to a promotion by Disney called "Give a day, get a Disney day." All you have to do is volunteer at a participating group in your area and you get a free one day pass into Disneyland. 

And it all kind of worked out perfect because we will be in California for the big Oceanside beach trip this summer, which also happens to fall on our anniversary. 

Did you know I've never been to Disneyland???

I know, its absolutely horrible.

Anyway, I signed Geoff and I up and we did our volunteer work today. We volunteered at a place called Home Life. It houses and takes care of disabled adults. We signed up to help paint tenants rooms.
I was excited about it because I thought that I was going to be able to meet some of the people. Instead we ended up painting a womans office there, which was kind of weird. 

It was a pretty good day though, which included minimal compaining from Geoff (did I tell you I dragged him into this? He said we should just buy tickets  because they are only 30 bucks---they arent 30 bucks they are more like 70 bucks) and we only had to deal with 4 other girls who were volunteering from Eugene. (They were ANNOYING!) 

But now we have some sweet free passes into Disney!
I'd say it was totally worth it.


Kassi Moyers said...

thats pretty awesome. my husband and i LOVE disneyland. im pretty positive you can upgrade your free disney ticket to a park hopper and go to both california adventure and disneyland (theyre across the courtyard from each other) because california adventure has a couple really awesome rides!!

Geoff + Katie said...

Thats good to know! Thanks!

sarjobran said...

Oh my gosh we are soulmates!!! I talked Joel into doing this and we are signed up to volunteer next month at a garden somewhere!! This is so funny. I am glad I'm not the only crazy to be excited about this. I signed up for it back in October....yes, yes I did.

britney said...

why didnt you tell me sooner? sweet!