Today that man of mine turns 22!
(way to finally catch up with me, dude).

( I know we just couldnt wait for this photo to get revisited)

Heres 22 reasons why hes totally awesome

1. Hes a great student
2. A wonderful friend
3. A hard worker

4. A great football player
5. Knows all the right ways to "sculpt" his facial hair

6. Loves me

7. Loves his family
8. Loves my family

(Please blow up this photo and check out our nieces in the front, Noah is totally giving a teenage face. And Geoff thought it would be funny to stick his hand on my bum  during this photo--not cool Geoff.)

9. Hes a total stud
10. Hes makes everyone laugh

11. Hes a friend to everyone
12. Hes an awesome uncle

13. Loves helping others in need
14. Hes so handsome
15. Hes got a great bum

16. Hes still a kid at heart

17. He lives his religion

18. He makes me happy and knows how to fix my bad moods
19. Hes loyal to those he loves

20. Hes a stellar cribbage player 
21. Hes a great husband

22. Hes got the best smile :)

I love you Geoff and Im so glad we are together. 

*and a great deal of thanks to Jones and Shellene ;)


Shellene said...

Happy Birthday G-baby. Katie, can we please delete the Friar Tuck photo for life? Not a good look.

sam said...

cutie patooties

MichelleY said...

don't know if i agree about #5 :) happy birthday g-train, we love you!

mike said...

To G-Dare-rell, Feliz cumplianos hijomio! Te extrano, te amo, y estoy tan orgulloso de ti. I do like the "hulk" pose, not too crazy with the Fryar Tuck one, and I always enjoy it when we can catch a natural smile on his face. He usually has to be laughing to get that smile, so smile baby boy...you made it to 22 pretty much intact. Love you and KT too. See you soon.