For health? Or just to support your habit?

I dont have a stance on medical marijuana. I dont. But there is a guy who has been standing outside the library for the past couple days, trying to get people to register to vote so they can pass a medical marijuana dispensory law. Look, you look like a druggie, you are a druggie. I'm pretty sure you think this is going to get you closer to legalizing the weed but I'm tired of you calling me "babe" everytime I pass through the library doors (library = necessary evil). He told me it will help save grandma. Dear grandma Eleanor, if your dying (which your not) please dont smoke pot, for me? Please? Thanks grandma.

besides, I dont want my grandma looking like Amy Winehouse.


Shellene said...

i don't know about grandma eleanor, but i've been heavily giving this stuff a second thought for evenings. if i don't get better soon i may sign up. I'm already the next shelleneg whine-house.

The Robinson's said...

Haha Ohh Katie! I love this post! I am literally on the floor laughing at this!!!