Jackie O.

I can never get enough of Jackie. 
Isnt she gorgeous?

I found this photo this morning and couldnt help but share. 

In my fashion history classes we talked a ton about Jackie. 
She was so influential...
and incredibly beautiful. 

When I grow up I wanna look like her. 


Made for each other.

Am I the last person to know about this?
I probably am.
I not up to date on the world of crafting. 
I went to Michaels today and discovered the Cricut Cake.

Oh. my. goodness.
If there is one thing I love, its cake decorating. 
Think how awesome I could be with this.

One day me and this machine will be good friends. One day...



Today is the day. The first day of camp. Hes had his physical. Weighed in. Fed a tasty meal of steak and lobster. Went to his meetings and hopefully will come home soon. 

Sometimes I think, this is going to be really, really long. We've only knocked out one season in his football career. But then I stop and think "How cool is it that I get to experience all of this with him?"

Right from the beginning we've been in this together. Its going to be long, its been hard and its a huge blessing. 

Im so glad to have his college years. wish us luck. 


San Diego.

I realize I said I was off for awhile. But Im sitting at the Oakland airport waiting for my flight and i've got some time to kill. 
I just did an upload of all the photos from my phone and found some I felt like sharing.
I now present to you San Diego through the lens of my iPhone:

and there you have it.