I went to work.

and Geoff? 
he got his 1st disc golf hole-in-one

(as he would say 'we're doin' big things around here')

and he went to a concert with the fam over at Maryhill

he just livin' it up without me, and im pretty sure he's trying to replace me...and from the sound of it, succeeding.


just me and my ladies.

tonight on my run past the community gardens I made some new friends.

With geoff being gone this whole week living it up at my parents house without me, I think I might just hang out with these little chickies every night.


an unnatural aversion.

I knew I had this problem, however it didnt come as a realization to me until I said it out loud in a conversation with a coworker.

I cant buy black shoes.

Yeah. Totally weird right?
How hard can it be?
find a pair, try them on, buy them. Done.


the other night, Geoff and I went into Portland to meet my dad for dinner and check out the Nordstrom anniversary sale (go! go now! its so wonderful!)

I had decided 24 hours prior to look for and purchase black wedge booties.
My intentions were to have something to wear in the fall without having to make the commitment to buying a full pair of black boots because clearly that would be wasteful (what is wrong with me?)

This problem has gotten worse with time. I used to buy black shoes! For instance I have a pair of black boots that I recieved my sophomore year of high school. And I did buy two pairs of black heels my sophomore year of college, but anyway, I digress.

I decided to take inventory of the problem.
Shield your eyes people because its nude/congac city and im the mayor.

(p.s. my walls are NOT blue, they are grey...but i cant that expect much from my iPhone)




see those ones on the left?

this is me trying to buy a black wedge bootie.
props for them being gray?

I just cant resist me some Frye boots, guys.