I love these bowls!
My mom and I picked them up downtown Corvallis at a store called The Mod Pod.
They are 100% recycled and made by a company called Zak!

They make me want summer to be here, reeeeaaaallll bad.


I ment what I said and I said what I ment. Elephants remember 100%.

I might have a small crush on Cee-lo Green. But how can you not when you listen to 'Wildflower'.

The spring game is this weekend...which means saying so long to geoffs "night tremors/episodes?"--things are gettin' a little weird around here.

8-ish weeks until California. Are you ready Garners? 'cuz Geoff can't wait.

This week is all about The OC reruns via netflix. Do you remember that show? It was amazing. I wasn't allowed to watch it in high school (not that that stopped me) and coincidentally my parents are hooked on the show and watch it nightly--you welcome dad!

Do all your long car rides involve discussing the relationships on '16 and pregnant'? Or is that just us?

And dont you hate when you dont fit in the car and your shoes are 6 sizes to big??


cherry fest.

G and I planned a weekend in The Dalles
and it just so happened to take place during Cherry Festival!!
Dont get too excited, its actually pretty bland--there arent even cherries involved.

The parade was amazing--I think Geoff and I both agree that our favorites were the dancing horses and the Columbia Gorge belly dancers.

Check out these ladies!! Woot woot!

(I know what your thinking, your totally jealous we got to see them in person)

(Oh and be sure to enlarge the picture and check out Lady Versace's reverse tramp stamp down in the corner there)

The had a petting zoo and you'll never guess what they had...

um, how freaking adorable!

And they also had this very rare beast...

(G sampling chocolate covered cherries)

Other than that we spent our time watching the Masters...Next year McIlroy, next year. I can feel it.