Today I became a woman. Hahaha. Anyway, I got offered a real legitimate I-got-my-degree-and-actually-got-to-use-it-and-not-work-at-a-bank J to the O to the B. JOB. (disclaimer: im not making fun of anyone, I just have a huge phobia of having to work at a bank, thats all).  I am the new Assistant Manager of Maurices. And I start next week. Whoa. Im going to miss everything that I do now. Being in school has the best benefits. You get so much time off for every holiday! Im really going to miss that. A TON. But I guess I had to grow up some day. Its such a blessing to have everything ready to go and not have to spend anymore time worrying about finding a job or where my future--at current, is. Im continued to be amazed at the blessings and love I recieve and I have so much to be thankful for.

And just because, theres nothing like a blog without photos:

here is a current photo of the G-babes for ya. 

Photoshop skillz gone wrong. 
Jeff never had jet black hair.

And my dad, because hes just that cool


Lets cook something that is easier to purchase, shall we?

Just thought I would share this link for Homemade Granola Bars by the barefoot contessa. They are so, so incredibly good. I know this because Geoff cant get enough. I've had her original recipe but i've also changed it up and added whatever I wanted, like orange flavored craisins, flax seeds and chocolate chips. Try it. I promise you'll never go back.

This woman is my hero.



On Friday I went on a Study Tour to Nike to meet with Merchandisers and Product Developers--and do some networking. I got to take a tour of their campus and do some really, really fantastic shopping.

Since Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, they are really involved with our school and we are always having guest speakers in our classes and what not.

Did you know that Phil started this whole thing with a waffle iron?
Thats how he made the sole of his shoes.
I pretty sure you knew that, just about everyone does.
But just in case you didnt...

Nike's campus is huge. All seven extra large buildings surround a 4 acre man-made lake.

the lake and our full group

Each building is named after an athlete.
We started out in the Micahel Jordan building

all his air jordans he wore during his basketball games--signed.
they even had his baseball cleats with the dirt still on them.

this is lifesize and 3-dimensional cast of his standard air jordan pose.

We accidentally took a wrong turn into a small parking lot that held the spots for all their presidents and CEO's and thier athletes.
Every spot was filled with Mazarati's and Audi's.
They had spots for Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter etc.

Tim Tebow was there that day, but on our way over to see him he had already left.
They have soccer fields, golfing greens, basketball courts all of which have hoseted the worlds greatest athletes and teams.

The whole trip ended like this.

dont worry, its all socks. Im lying, its full of shoes and clothing.
They gave us all passes to go to the Nike employee store and I enjoyed every minute of those wholesale prices. 


Year One, or "While Geoff Was Away Pt. Deux"...

I was finally able to compile all of the stuff I had saved from Geoffs first year of football, and put it all in one big binder.

look how thick this thing is!

It has every game day book,

(Unfortunately Moevao on the cover has gotten himself into quite a bit of legal trouble--let it be a lesson to you all not to steal the OSU athletics golf cart while intoxicated.)

some plays,

Room keys, airline and gameday ticket stubs,

And the newspaper clippings.

Hes a star.


Rip City Rollers!

For those of you who didnt know, Geoff is in a Bowling League with some teammates and friends.
Anyway, Tuesday was the end of the season and they came out champions!!
Which I used to think was impressive until I showed up last night and realized there were only 3 other teams and well, anyway...

I made bowling ball cookies for the team, and the rest of the bowling alley.

(Geoff used them to trade for sodas at the concessions)

The team, minus Mike

(Blake, Burke and G--and dont worry this half of the team stayed sober)

But dont worry, Mike made his appearance.

(Blake, Mike, Burke and Geoff)

Dont be scared by his awesome moves.

I married him for his stellar bowling skillz. 


A late night grocery trip...

has led me to believe that someone is reading my blog...

and that someone with a very large truck is over compensating for something small...


While Geoff is away...

and enjoying the hot Arizona sun without me, 
I finally got to watch the movie I've wanted to for a long, long time.
Its a girls choice movie, not a boys choice movie and therefore he would have never watched it with me.
(I realize i've been talking a lot about movies, im sorry. I really do other things with my time. I swear)
If your interested, and im sure your not--but i'll tell you anyway--there is a movie called 
"The September Issue" 

That woman in the photo above,
is Anna Wintour and shes responsible for everything in your closet. 
The designers create but Anna tells them what to use and not to use.
If she doesnt like you, she wont put you in her magazine.

Do you remember "The Devil Wears Prada"?
The book/movie was written by a former assistant of Annas, and based on her experience working for her (the movie was so detailed, they replicated Anna real office to a T)
Its incredible to see how one woman orchestrates everything that we know to be fashion in the US. 

(oh and please ignore the tag line for the movie, that does not reflect my opinion at all.)


my lifes dream

i LOVE jello. 
Its a fact. 
Most people know that about me. 
Last night I rented Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 
(FYI one of my favorite books growing up)

Can you believe this?

A jello PALACE?!
I want me some o' that.

I think this is what Heaven will look like. 


always adding

Im absolutely loving being able to have a little back porch to decorate and turn into a fun place for friends and family to hang out.

I was able to add more flowers and my dad and brother were kind enough to hang the lights over the weekend. 


Spring Game, and other matters

The Spring Game was yesterday and Geoff did great. 
He had to take so many reps though and was so tired after the game.
My dad snapped this photo of Geoff. 

I love this picture. Geoff is doing everything that he is supposed to. 
(It may or may not already be framed and on our wall.)

His cheering section

"Um, who's blood is that on your jersey?"

Geoff did great during the game and after we had fun at our place cookin on the grill and Celebrating Richards 30th Birthday!

On Friday football had a family softball game for those who were in town for the Spring Game/Mom's weekend.
Before we went up to the family dinner after the softball game, Geoff and some of his other teammates took us down to their locker room.

Geoff in front of his locker

It was stinky in that helmet

All the tables and chairs are signed by everyone. From this year and years past.

This is such a cool photo they have on the wall going downstairs.
Its the inside of the helmet as the team runs on the field. 

Geoff is so excited to have the Spring Game overwith.
No more football until August!