Rip City Rollers!

For those of you who didnt know, Geoff is in a Bowling League with some teammates and friends.
Anyway, Tuesday was the end of the season and they came out champions!!
Which I used to think was impressive until I showed up last night and realized there were only 3 other teams and well, anyway...

I made bowling ball cookies for the team, and the rest of the bowling alley.

(Geoff used them to trade for sodas at the concessions)

The team, minus Mike

(Blake, Burke and G--and dont worry this half of the team stayed sober)

But dont worry, Mike made his appearance.

(Blake, Mike, Burke and Geoff)

Dont be scared by his awesome moves.

I married him for his stellar bowling skillz. 

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Shellene said...

Personally, I'm diggin' those bowling shoes...Those are hot!