Today I became a woman. Hahaha. Anyway, I got offered a real legitimate I-got-my-degree-and-actually-got-to-use-it-and-not-work-at-a-bank J to the O to the B. JOB. (disclaimer: im not making fun of anyone, I just have a huge phobia of having to work at a bank, thats all).  I am the new Assistant Manager of Maurices. And I start next week. Whoa. Im going to miss everything that I do now. Being in school has the best benefits. You get so much time off for every holiday! Im really going to miss that. A TON. But I guess I had to grow up some day. Its such a blessing to have everything ready to go and not have to spend anymore time worrying about finding a job or where my future--at current, is. Im continued to be amazed at the blessings and love I recieve and I have so much to be thankful for.

And just because, theres nothing like a blog without photos:

here is a current photo of the G-babes for ya. 

Photoshop skillz gone wrong. 
Jeff never had jet black hair.

And my dad, because hes just that cool


britney said...

Congrats on the job Katie! Tell Geoff that picture it just not right. Something is wrong when you have more hair on your shoulders than you do on your face. At least for him! :)

Shellene said...

i see they have some pretty cute blouses in plus size. do plus size mother-in-laws get a fam/damily discount when they come to town?? wink!

mike said...

Congrats on the new job. Full time w/ benefits and you get to use your training for something practical. Way to go!! Uh, the pix of Geoff is just wrong somehow. What happened to the curly hair on top? This picture is the first that I can see the "Lines" in him that I can remember for a long time. KT, the only bad thing that I can see is that you'll have less time developing your culinary skills with new dishes and deserts to try. Oh well, make way for progress!! See you guys soon!

enSTYLEpedia said...

woot woot!! congratulations! that's awesome!!! do i get a discount....oh snap, just kidding. I'm sure about a thousand people are going to ask you that...have fun with that.
you're all grown up.