While Geoff is away...

and enjoying the hot Arizona sun without me, 
I finally got to watch the movie I've wanted to for a long, long time.
Its a girls choice movie, not a boys choice movie and therefore he would have never watched it with me.
(I realize i've been talking a lot about movies, im sorry. I really do other things with my time. I swear)
If your interested, and im sure your not--but i'll tell you anyway--there is a movie called 
"The September Issue" 

That woman in the photo above,
is Anna Wintour and shes responsible for everything in your closet. 
The designers create but Anna tells them what to use and not to use.
If she doesnt like you, she wont put you in her magazine.

Do you remember "The Devil Wears Prada"?
The book/movie was written by a former assistant of Annas, and based on her experience working for her (the movie was so detailed, they replicated Anna real office to a T)
Its incredible to see how one woman orchestrates everything that we know to be fashion in the US. 

(oh and please ignore the tag line for the movie, that does not reflect my opinion at all.)


mike said...

G is behaving but I think he is missing you more than he wants to put on. Missed having you here! Happy Mother's Day KT.

Brianne said...

I just watched this movie last week! I didn't know The Devil Wears Prada was about Anna Wintour, but it makes sense now. I liked seeing how the editorials were put together (that's always my favorite part of the magazine).