The New Orleans Saints

are getting my vote. I know this is something you cant really vote on, but dont worry about my phrasing (it already took me 10 times to get their name and mascot right).

Dear Reggie B, 

I'll have you know I do "Keep up with the Kardashians" and I saw how heart broken Kim was when you guys broke up. 
Im glad your back together now. 
I hope you win your super bowl ring, so Kimmy K. can win a ring of her own.
One that says marriage. 
Someone in that family needs to show up Khloe and we all know its not going to be Kourtney.

Signed with Kim's needs at heart, 



Geeze guys, get your minds out of the gutter.

I've been considering bangs--and by considering I mean that the idea popped into my mind two days ago and I immediately voiced it to Geoff. So stop freaking out mom--and Geoff. (I used to have totally awesome bangs when I was 5).

There are lots of different types of bangs.

Like large lady bangs. Somewhat comparable to what I used to rock in the elementary school. Minus that cleavage. Show me know more grandma!

Uncomfortable boy bangs. Puberty is rough man. (especially when your mom still thinks your five)

Boys who deny having bangs, but you cant deny that they be creepin'.

And the ever so attactive family bangs.

The featured above arent exactly what I am going for.

I was thinking something more sophisticated like Kiera Knightly here:

Or the ever so awesome Reese Witherspoon:

To bang or not to bang?


Jupiter Jack

So, I dont know if any one has the affinity to Billy Mays that I do, but I had an experience last night that put me in shock! Shock, I say! I was at the gym when I saw a commerical for the "Jupiter Jack" which exploited my man Billy Mays. The dead Billy Mays. The man I turn to for all my cleaning and informercial needs. If you are going to put Billy Mays in your commerical he better have come back from the dead or i'm not buyin' what your sellin'. And thats all I have to say about that.

R.I.P. Billy.


Oh hey there little guy!

My brother is a new dad!

Mike and Ariel welcomed this little guy into their world on January 19th!

Atlas Parker Dunn

Cant wait to meet him!


oh my.

Can you handle how good this looks?

This is it y'all. This is the cake Geoff is getting for his birthday.

I confessed to him tonight that I couldnt possibly bear to buy him an ice cream cake for his birthday. I found this idea online a couple months ago.

I havent been able to get it off the brain since.
Gee, I wonder why?

So delicious.

Finally a replacement for G's LARGE PB-Cup blizzards.


you go girl.


True love...

is having matching pony tails.


Today I,

  • Took a giant swig of sour milk. 
  • Spent 15 minutes finding parking at the gym and then spent 15 more minutes parallel parking. 
  • Got bombarded by the Indian guy who always runs around the track barefoot who also smells of a man who hasnt bathed in a week.


your honor.

Way to go Geoff! Hes a super school stud and made honor roll last term. We recieved this letter in the mail a couple days ago,

Its' now on our fridge, rightfully so.


baby goat.

Today my coworker was telling me about an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter she watched last night. In the episode they went into a womans "shed" to find that not only was she hiding a fugitive but was also keeping a goat in her house. Which reminded me of my wedding goat--or the lack thereof. And now all I can think of, is how much I want that goat and that one day, wether Geoff wants it or not, im getting that baby goat. Every family needs a family goat right?

Our goat would be so cute.

and happy

and look how happy it would make our kido's



I'm not saying im totally perfect at it, but I like to be organized. I can usually remember the important things (I dont know if school work is catagorized in that, seeing as somehow, it can usually be forgotten--whoops!). Which brings me to my point, I so desperately need my new 2010 moleskine weekly planner+notebook combo. Can I find it? No. Does this happen to me every year? Yes. Do I want to buy it online and pay shipping? Heck no. Do I always wait until its too late to find one? You bet. If I was a good person I would start hunting for it in November, but im always busy in November straight up until January. And when January comes around, that means school starts and that means im S.O.L. But i've been doing this for the past THREE years. And somehow I always manage to find one. Last year I drove 45 minutes to Salem only to be dissapointed.  However, my sick-awesome roomate, Bri found one for me a few days later.

For some reason, I cannot imagine using another planner. EVER. It has to be this one or i'll die. I swear. I also swear im so, So over dramatic. What im really saying is, im 6 days into January and I already feel like im swimming in disorganized thoughts and a lack of organization.

I went to Borders tonight to see if I could find it. Nope, not there. Which ment I had to buy a book (and a pita from Pita Pit) to drown my sorrows.