I'm not saying im totally perfect at it, but I like to be organized. I can usually remember the important things (I dont know if school work is catagorized in that, seeing as somehow, it can usually be forgotten--whoops!). Which brings me to my point, I so desperately need my new 2010 moleskine weekly planner+notebook combo. Can I find it? No. Does this happen to me every year? Yes. Do I want to buy it online and pay shipping? Heck no. Do I always wait until its too late to find one? You bet. If I was a good person I would start hunting for it in November, but im always busy in November straight up until January. And when January comes around, that means school starts and that means im S.O.L. But i've been doing this for the past THREE years. And somehow I always manage to find one. Last year I drove 45 minutes to Salem only to be dissapointed.  However, my sick-awesome roomate, Bri found one for me a few days later.

For some reason, I cannot imagine using another planner. EVER. It has to be this one or i'll die. I swear. I also swear im so, So over dramatic. What im really saying is, im 6 days into January and I already feel like im swimming in disorganized thoughts and a lack of organization.

I went to Borders tonight to see if I could find it. Nope, not there. Which ment I had to buy a book (and a pita from Pita Pit) to drown my sorrows.


mike said...

You just may have to go shopping for one over at Barnes & Noble, (back behind Clint and Jan's diamond store)in Dana Park. Baseline and Val Vista. Said they have them .

Brianne said...

First of all, thank you for saying that I'm sick-awesome. It helps to be reminded of that from time to time. If you're ever in/going through Salem I got the one for you last year at Paper Zone. If not I could probably go check it out for you. That would give me an excuse to come down to Corvallis!

allisonwalkerland said...

a college book store maybe? just an idea! I'm kinda a picky planner picker as well! I know how you feel!