The New Orleans Saints

are getting my vote. I know this is something you cant really vote on, but dont worry about my phrasing (it already took me 10 times to get their name and mascot right).

Dear Reggie B, 

I'll have you know I do "Keep up with the Kardashians" and I saw how heart broken Kim was when you guys broke up. 
Im glad your back together now. 
I hope you win your super bowl ring, so Kimmy K. can win a ring of her own.
One that says marriage. 
Someone in that family needs to show up Khloe and we all know its not going to be Kourtney.

Signed with Kim's needs at heart, 


Geoff said...

everyone needs to know that katie actually thinks their name is the st louis saints. She was so excited to post this because i'm rooting for the colts. Go St. Louis hahah!

Geoff said...

now that i confronted katie and told her it's not the st louis saints, she said good i'll fix it. Now the St louis rams are playing in the super bowl, Go Rams haha

mike said...

Whoever they are, they better beat the Colts (even though Johnny Unitas was one of my early heros) because they did put the smack-down on our AZ Cardinals and smacked up our QB and made him retire, and made us look like a second tier team, I want them to win so we won't look so bad in retrospect. Besides, how many fingers does Manning have left without a ring? For the game...a couple of Oregon burros from Philie Bs and some DC on ice....

christa said...

you're adorable. I totally love you!