a very important error.

Can I point something out? Take a looksies at this:

Those are the only set of drawers in my current kitchen. So if I gave you this:

Naturally, you'd want to put it in a drawer, but you couldnt. Because that doesnt fit in this:

Im not going to miss keeping my utensils on the kitchen counter. Im just not.


be grateful.

November is the month for thanks and I have a lot to be thankful for.  Facebookers are devoting status to thanks and so are bloggers. So why not me too? I want in on the fun.

I am thankful for...

  • FAMILY, these people will love you the most and never let go of you even when your at your worst mood. Im so grateful my family got bigger in June when G and I got hitched for all eternity, which means his family is stuck with me and im not lettin' go  :).........And the awesome family I grew up with and all the things they do for me.
  • GEOFF, he brings so much joy into my life and we continue to grow closer everyday. Marriage has taught me about balance and compromise and most of all love and selflessness. I never knew how much I would want so much happiness and good for someone else other than myself. 
  • RELIGION, it brings meaning and blessings into my life and makes me the happiest person I can be. I know who I am, what I stand for and where I am going. How many people my age can say that?
  • TEMPLE MARRIAGES, we're in it to win it and theres no turning back. I have never seen more blessings in my life since i've been married and its a direct result of preparing and partaking in a temple marriage.
  • SCHOOL, its been the hardest and most rewarding time in my life. It gets, hard, mundane and sometimes my professors dont have it all together, but I love learning and gaining knowledge of all the things around me and for that I feel greatly rewarded. I hope to always be a lifelong learner.
  • MOVING, with a new place we will have more room to grow in many ways including foodstorage and babies (dont worry, not now, but someday im going to have to fill that extra bedroom with something other than holiday decorations :)
  • HEALTH, with no health insurance and campus facilites that are free, its nice to know i'm healthy and will always be taken care of.
  • FRIENDS, these people laugh with me and enrich my life.
  • AUTUMN, its a beautiful time of year and makes my heart happy when I look around and see all the beautiful trees accenting all the brick buildings on campus. 
  • WINTER, its the most wonderful time of the year! Snow is on the ground, christmas songs are played and everyone is bundled up and warm and surrounded by people they love. (plus Elf and Charlie Brown Christmas :)
  • FOOTBALL, it has its ups and its downs but it brings us closer to Geoff and unified in something to do together and gather for.
  • TECHNOLOGY, it allows us to keep in contact so easily, go around the world in less than 15 hours, take tests online in pajamas, and send stupid/funny e-mails. Its a curse and blessing.
and for the things that need less explaination:
big gatherings
junk food
hobby lobby
perfect days downtown portland with my mom
the gym
cute clothes
meeting goals
tori spelling reality tv
sweet treats
osu shuttle
farmers market
my parents
tender mercies
kind people
Del Taco.


not your mothers christmas cd's.

Lets face it mom, you have a clear-cut addiction to buying christmas CD's. You could fill my whole apartment with the amount of Christmas CD's you own. I realize my place is small, but that still quite a lot. Anyway, I have my own solution to getting my Christmas fix without spending the cash. Pandora.com! I'm sure everyone already knows about it, buts its the easiest way to get any type of Christmas tunes that you are looking for. Just search under generes for Holiday music and pick my personal favorite "Swingin' Christmas" which fills your home with the smooth sounds of Nat King Cole and Company.

Lets bring on the holidays!


Castle Rock

A couple weekends ago, my mom and I went up to Castle Rock, WA to my aunts house to make christmas wreaths. I dont have any pictures of the wreaths but I do have some incredible shots of her property that I wanted to share. She has a wonderful home and a beautiful "backyard"--if you can call it that. Its more like a personal forrest. Check it out below.

I love going to her house just to be able to look out her windows. Last time we went it started to snow while we were outside in the gazebo making wreaths. It was incredible.



Over Christmas break I am about to embark on the best DIY project ever, enabled by my awesome Dad. Now that I have the space I am going to build my own mantel. I love all the old ones I see at antique stores and i've passed up a lot of good ones because of my spacing issues. I found an old mantel for my mom a couple weekends ago up in Washington. After I looked over the construction of it, I figured it was something I could reconstruct myself using hers as my pattern and distress and paint however I choose. I am so excitited! I found this one online to give you the gist of what im talking about.

its function is none other than to just look pretty. I love hers in this photo--although I think her display is a little junky and I dont like the paper inset for myself.  Its going to be pretty stellar. And if all goes well, a headboard design will be our  next project.



Right before G and I got hitched I put us on a witing list for low-income housing. We forgot about it until about 3 weeks ago when a letter came saying that we were on the top of the list and that if we wanted to apply we could. So we did. This morning I got a call saying that we qualified and we could move in anytime after Thanksgiving. This is such a blessing! Geoff and I were so grateful to get our little place but in 5 months time we have quickly grown out of it. Its very small, but its a wonderful place with a great location. We will be relocating on December 1st to Camas Commons! Its such a sweet little community with duplexes and townhouses and a park in the middle. Geoff and I will occupy and two bedroom townhouse with LOTS of storage and we couldnt be more excited!


Oregon's Canada...

Because Washington is Oregons Canada, and California is our Mexico.
Today marked the last home game of the season and we made sure to go out with a bang!
We had such a fun day. My sister's family and my parents came down for the game. We decided to try out the beaver walk this time. Its a short little parade for the boys as they unload off their buses and walk to Valley Football Center.

they headed our way.

snapped a quick pic.

And off they went.

I told you it was short.

They have lots of inflatable games set up for kids (and adults alike) outside the stadium.

Gwen had the hardest time getting up the rope to slide down the other side, Noah had to go in and help a sister out.

Giant beaver shoe basketball anyone?

You'd think these games would be easy, right? You'd be wrong. Or maybe its just my weak arms, because this 13 year old boy made it in one shot. I only made it half way up.

Noah asked me to help her out. No luck there.

Thankfully we had our boys Jeff, Rich and L-dawg to help us out.

You see, we were so interested in winning because if you win you get this free shirt!

The stand was sponsored by Oregon's Dairy Farmers so they were also giving out free chocolate milk and "got milk?" stickers.

Our group minus Steph. (nevermind the fact that no one looks particularly good in this pic)

Some fun at the game:

It was SO FULL!! Normally these wings are empty.
And do you know how much these crappy seats cost this game?
$75 bones!!!

It was dads weekend and so they had the band members dad's come out and dance to "kung fu fighting"

And now for the portion of this post dedicated to Shellene G. Creeper style

Christmas came early this year for the beavers with this woman's OSU santa hat

Asian persuasion...

I hopped the barrier and met G out on the field. CROWD MANAGEMENT was not happy with me. But what was he gonna do? Yell at Geoff? Yeah, I dont think so. My husband rocks.

is this not the cutest thing ever?

g is autographing this little boys ball!
Its so cute when the kids ask for autographs!

And G our fearless leader with baby and Noah in tow.

The rest of us hitched a ride with the golf cart driver.

After all the festivities we piled into our place for some chili and cornbread.

So much fun. We were all so exhausted. It was well worth the fun!


NyQuil high?

Ive been so sick for the past week. I think it was a combo of 24hr flu/major cold.
Needless to say, that top ramen I ate thursday night didnt make it.
Anyway, to be able to sleep through the night I've been taking NyQuil for the last 5 nights and I think its catching up with me.
Yesterday I took a mid-term and Geoff called me 10  minutes after to see how things went. I sounded so dazed and confused on the phone and told him I could hardly remember taking it.
Is there such thing as a Nyquil high?
I feel like my head is floating and I just want to fall asleep.
 As for all these tests and assignments I did this week?
who knows....

And catching up on sleep over the weekend?
Not gonna happen. Everyone--minus mike and ariel, who were able to go to Geoff's game @ Cal for me--is coming down for the last home game of the season and it is going to be one fun party!


Our kids...

are gonna have great bums.



desperately want to blog about something (maybe im just trying to aviod homework, which is probably true since I already cleaned everything, which is what I normally do when I want to avoid homework). I have no good material. My life has suddenly become boring? WHAT? Someone should have told me it was coming before it hit. It would have been the polite thing to do. With the term half-way done, things are getting mundane. I would probably notice the more exciting things in life if I wasnt so bogged down by this period of waiting that I am in. Geoff and I are waiting to find out if we got into a new place to live. Its a really great place. Like, really really great. I cant describe it in more detail because it hurts to even talk about it. All I cant say is,  G and I really want to get into this place. Its a waiting game and I cant wait for it to be over.

I dont think I can agree with you on this one Warhol.

In better news, Sleepless in Seattle Sundays are back on, starting tonight.

Me + Sleepless in Seattle = MFEO


For the first time in 10 years,

my father wore a pair of jeans! He wears khakis everywhere and to do everything. From work to home improvement. I cant tell you how many pairs hes ruined because they have paint/dirt/grout/saw dust/caulking, etc. on them. Its totally riduculous and I give him the hardest time about it!! All growing up he would say "ok Katie, its time to go to work. Put on some old clothes." (to which I never would change and he would get mad at me for painting in cardigans and nice clothes he bought me, but I learned from the best. If he wouldnt change--neither would I.)

In all his denim glory!

Like father, like daughter

Anyway, we had fun at the game yesterday (except for that one part where we were tied 19-19 and then I freaked out and yelled when they tackled JacQuizz, im so sorry to the people around me.) One of the best things I saw at the game was the OSU snuggie:

A great christmas gift--such a lucky guy. He was obviously heavily influenced by this picture:

Speaking of which, its a great thing I know so many people with babies:

Just kidding.
The team got into the Halloween spirit for the game

of couse we do wear halloween colors year round but lets not focus on that.

Levi was split on which team to root for. So he wore the colors of both teams.

But in the end it wasnt that hard of a choice because he spent the whole game saying "Go Dress!" (its how he says Geoff and it doesnt make any sense) "Go Bebers!"
Hes the best little fan.

After the game Geoff and I did the ward Trunk or Treat. It was pretty fun, except some of those kids are very mean. They made sure to voice their opinions when I told them we ran out of candy.

Ketchup, anyone?

Our friends Rob and Ashley. They reversed roles for the evening.
Be sure to check out Robs teeny shorts.

Our decorated trunk.

Geoff looks like a Ketchup Gnome in this pic. I messed up on his hat and made it too small.
But in my defense he does have a big head.

Best costume of the night goes to this guy:

Is he not stellar or what?