Oregon's Canada...

Because Washington is Oregons Canada, and California is our Mexico.
Today marked the last home game of the season and we made sure to go out with a bang!
We had such a fun day. My sister's family and my parents came down for the game. We decided to try out the beaver walk this time. Its a short little parade for the boys as they unload off their buses and walk to Valley Football Center.

they headed our way.

snapped a quick pic.

And off they went.

I told you it was short.

They have lots of inflatable games set up for kids (and adults alike) outside the stadium.

Gwen had the hardest time getting up the rope to slide down the other side, Noah had to go in and help a sister out.

Giant beaver shoe basketball anyone?

You'd think these games would be easy, right? You'd be wrong. Or maybe its just my weak arms, because this 13 year old boy made it in one shot. I only made it half way up.

Noah asked me to help her out. No luck there.

Thankfully we had our boys Jeff, Rich and L-dawg to help us out.

You see, we were so interested in winning because if you win you get this free shirt!

The stand was sponsored by Oregon's Dairy Farmers so they were also giving out free chocolate milk and "got milk?" stickers.

Our group minus Steph. (nevermind the fact that no one looks particularly good in this pic)

Some fun at the game:

It was SO FULL!! Normally these wings are empty.
And do you know how much these crappy seats cost this game?
$75 bones!!!

It was dads weekend and so they had the band members dad's come out and dance to "kung fu fighting"

And now for the portion of this post dedicated to Shellene G. Creeper style

Christmas came early this year for the beavers with this woman's OSU santa hat

Asian persuasion...

I hopped the barrier and met G out on the field. CROWD MANAGEMENT was not happy with me. But what was he gonna do? Yell at Geoff? Yeah, I dont think so. My husband rocks.

is this not the cutest thing ever?

g is autographing this little boys ball!
Its so cute when the kids ask for autographs!

And G our fearless leader with baby and Noah in tow.

The rest of us hitched a ride with the golf cart driver.

After all the festivities we piled into our place for some chili and cornbread.

So much fun. We were all so exhausted. It was well worth the fun!


Shellene said...

so much fun. thanks for thinking of me and taking the cool stalker shots. almost makes me feel like i was there instead of laying on my floor in my office listening to it by radio stream over the internet. i should have at least got a huge diet coke, some nachos or a pretzel to try and feel it a little more. i certainly didn't have the red nose you all had in the shots. looks cold! p.s. tell steph she looks like she could be on the front of cover girl for her shot in the back of the golf cart...way pretty! Glad you all had time together and that the beavs won. We got to celebrate by going to the ward High Priests' fish fry whoop whooppppppppp!

Shellene said...

woops, I meant sarah in the golf cart. mixed up the names sorry. who looks so cute in a hat anyway? it looks like they could take her with her cute hat, pretty green eyes, and glistening skin and transport her right onto a sleigh into a cute cover shot for fall or Christmas!

Geoff + Katie said...

I know. My sister is star. I want her looks.