not your mothers christmas cd's.

Lets face it mom, you have a clear-cut addiction to buying christmas CD's. You could fill my whole apartment with the amount of Christmas CD's you own. I realize my place is small, but that still quite a lot. Anyway, I have my own solution to getting my Christmas fix without spending the cash. Pandora.com! I'm sure everyone already knows about it, buts its the easiest way to get any type of Christmas tunes that you are looking for. Just search under generes for Holiday music and pick my personal favorite "Swingin' Christmas" which fills your home with the smooth sounds of Nat King Cole and Company.

Lets bring on the holidays!

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britney said...

Scott says to try out "Groove Shark". It's better than Pandora, has more music, and let's you create your own account for free - to create playlists. :)