For the first time in 10 years,

my father wore a pair of jeans! He wears khakis everywhere and to do everything. From work to home improvement. I cant tell you how many pairs hes ruined because they have paint/dirt/grout/saw dust/caulking, etc. on them. Its totally riduculous and I give him the hardest time about it!! All growing up he would say "ok Katie, its time to go to work. Put on some old clothes." (to which I never would change and he would get mad at me for painting in cardigans and nice clothes he bought me, but I learned from the best. If he wouldnt change--neither would I.)

In all his denim glory!

Like father, like daughter

Anyway, we had fun at the game yesterday (except for that one part where we were tied 19-19 and then I freaked out and yelled when they tackled JacQuizz, im so sorry to the people around me.) One of the best things I saw at the game was the OSU snuggie:

A great christmas gift--such a lucky guy. He was obviously heavily influenced by this picture:

Speaking of which, its a great thing I know so many people with babies:

Just kidding.
The team got into the Halloween spirit for the game

of couse we do wear halloween colors year round but lets not focus on that.

Levi was split on which team to root for. So he wore the colors of both teams.

But in the end it wasnt that hard of a choice because he spent the whole game saying "Go Dress!" (its how he says Geoff and it doesnt make any sense) "Go Bebers!"
Hes the best little fan.

After the game Geoff and I did the ward Trunk or Treat. It was pretty fun, except some of those kids are very mean. They made sure to voice their opinions when I told them we ran out of candy.

Ketchup, anyone?

Our friends Rob and Ashley. They reversed roles for the evening.
Be sure to check out Robs teeny shorts.

Our decorated trunk.

Geoff looks like a Ketchup Gnome in this pic. I messed up on his hat and made it too small.
But in my defense he does have a big head.

Best costume of the night goes to this guy:

Is he not stellar or what?


Shellene said...

Oh...you two funsters. Maybe we'll get lucky one of these years and he'll play ASU on Halloween here and you'll be able to party hard with us on Halloween. Of course we all could dress up as a Beaver Geoff next time on Halloween and make the neighborhood ASU supporters really mad!

britney said...

Great! Gnomes for next year would be totally awesome! Maybe I will have to steal that idea! I love Halloween, and it makes me sad that it only comes once a year. Looks like you two had tons of fun! Go Beavs.

MichelleY said...

Geoff really does look like a gnome....but I think it's more the beard and not the hat. Looks like you guys had a good time. See you in a few weeks :)