NyQuil high?

Ive been so sick for the past week. I think it was a combo of 24hr flu/major cold.
Needless to say, that top ramen I ate thursday night didnt make it.
Anyway, to be able to sleep through the night I've been taking NyQuil for the last 5 nights and I think its catching up with me.
Yesterday I took a mid-term and Geoff called me 10  minutes after to see how things went. I sounded so dazed and confused on the phone and told him I could hardly remember taking it.
Is there such thing as a Nyquil high?
I feel like my head is floating and I just want to fall asleep.
 As for all these tests and assignments I did this week?
who knows....

And catching up on sleep over the weekend?
Not gonna happen. Everyone--minus mike and ariel, who were able to go to Geoff's game @ Cal for me--is coming down for the last home game of the season and it is going to be one fun party!

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