is it just me?

So tonight as I was avoiding laundry, homework and anything else important, to catch up on The Hills I noticed a striking similarity between this new girl Mckaela--who was apparently Brodie's girlfriend for 5 seconds--and my main girl LC.

uhhhh...hello! shes LC with brown hair. 
Am I right? Im totally right.


What chu know bout me?

Forget Los Suns....

Its Los Garners!!

because 13 is our lucky number, yo.


Lucky No. 13

A year ago today geoff and I were sealed (married) in the temple.
This last year has been a whirlwind and when I take time to reflect back, I cant believe how quickly time has passed. 

The only part of it that I can still see clearly in my mind was the day Geoff walked into my apartment and I knew that he was the man I was going to marry.

He is extremly kind, generous and loving--and genuinly cares for people.

Hes been the best decision I've ever made. 


A few thoughts...

1. I've been so busy trying to get organized and plan for California, i've completely forgotten to plan graduation too...but thats probably because i will not be truly graduated as of today. I still have some summer stuff to finish up.
2. My tips of my pinky's are always cold. Always. Not that, that information matters
3. Im currently writing this blog to avoid cleaning and packing.
4. I still need to find out if it's okay to iron my gown. My guess is no.
         ---thankfully I consider myself a textiles genius.
5. I drank more Diet Coke this week and last than I care to mention.
6. Geoff is totally adorable.
7. Tonight when I went to the gym (a place I hardly reconize as of late) I felt like I was back in my normal life where I didnt have a grown up job, and had less to worry and think about. I miss it a bit. Change is hard, but its good for us.
8. Colorado never asked me if they could join the Pac 10. Have they even seen the Pacific Coast?



Its been a very busy week here at the homestead. We spent memorial weekend in The Dalles who's weather report was supposed to be better than ours here in the Wilamette Valley--unfortunatley, it lied so my plans of laying by the pool were foiled. The weather here has been terrible and I think im starting to develop the SADS. I worked my first 30 hour week at my new job and I am loving it more than I thought I would. I basically spend my day being a personal shopper and I LOVE it. We just wrapped up dead week and are starting in on finals--which is always a blast. Thankfully we have a list to look forward to. Because this time next week i'll have practically graduated, we will be lounging on the beach in San Diego and Geoff and I will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary. And sometime in between all that Geoff may attempt and complete the "Lucky 7 Chicken Challenge" (more on that in a bit).

Our memorial weekend consisted of Backgammon, golfing and lots of food.

Can you guess who did this?

I give you a hint it starts with a G and ends with an EOFF.

Geoff with his mashed potato martini. YUM.

I feel like im always blogging about skamania, but its a lot of fun. Its also where we took some wedding shots. 

On to more exciting things.
What is the "Lucky 7 Chicken Challenge"?
It my friends is this:

That is Geoff's teammate Alex attempting the 7 over at China Blue downtown.
All you have to do is eat that whole plate in an hour (like totally easy, right?.....not).
The pot starts at $100 and every month the challege isnt completed, the pot rolls over.
Which means that right now, if you eat all that in an hour, you win $300. 
Alex gave up half way through--he decided to do it to see if he could get some extra bucks for his upcoming Vegas trip.
Which means that Geoff is DYING to take the challege. 
Im not even going to tell you that this turned into an hour long discussion last night on how to prepare for eating competitions. 
That doesnt mean that I support this. Geoff thinks its a win-win because even if he doesnt complete it, he will still have Chinese food for days. But I keep thinking that a) hes going to die trying and b) i'll be out 27 bucks if he doesnt make it. 

We'll see how things go.