"Cut your hair Steve, cuz its getting NASH-ty!"

Game 6. Blazers vs. Los Suns,
and we had tickets.

And he was the only suns fan to be found in our section

Being impartial, I clapped the entire game
Which happens when you are cheering for both teams. 

(We took a million pictures but when your parents are both blind and have no idea how to work a phone camera, you end up with a lot of blurry photos--and crotch shots)

Geoff and I made it on the JUMBOTRON!!
The people behind us had some signs so we made it in, and then they promptly cut out to another group of people because Geoff started waving his Suns hat in the air. 

Geoffs face of victory after Los Suns won. 

Needless to say, Geoff had a good time.


Last night

Geoff and I were watching Transformers 2 and I thought to myself
"I think Optimus Prime and I have the same inseam, we probably have the same problems when it comes to finding pants".

Its rough out there for our kind.


When I drive by...

Tempts me everytime.


B-ball and Scarves.

Geoff and I got our hoops on Saturday
I totally schooled him so dont even worry.
Im sure it had something to do with my killer form

Geoff suffered major defeat.

We also made a new friend named "lijah" (Elijah) who asked me if I had "tids" (kids)
He was 5 and was missing some major teeth. 
Hence the speech impediment.



He be thuggin' all his life.


Late Night Update!

Geoff and I have been doing really well. Lately, we've become stellar "Grill Masters". Ever since I taught Geoff how to ignite and care for the grill hes been off and running. It been a lot of fun to have Geoff involved in the cooking process. Since we've been spending so much time out there we (I) decided that it would do us some good to spruce up the back patio and work with all 3 feet that we have to make it look its best. Just look at what I did with the place!

Or maybe im totally lying.
But we did add some seating

And some plants

And someday, Geoff will let my buy that garden gnome and outdoor lighting. Someday.

As for Geoffs recent happenings, hes been doing great at practices. Hes really been able to nail down the things hes been learning and has been getting a lot of praise for it.
Hes a really hard worker and im so proud of what hes been able to accomplish.

Hes also recieved some news from the  big man up top (Coach Riley) that its time to loose the "Mormon Gut"--as Coach Cav so affectionately calls it.
Can someone say Summer of '09 all over again? Lets hope the Milk of Magnesia is left out this summer.
Geoff says that come July we wont need fireworks because all the fireworks we need will be under his shirt.
Hes headed for ab city.

As for myself, I recently picked up this new outfit

And despite the sheer enthusiasm on my face, I never want to leave college.
Can I just stay here forever?
Maybe me and the guy on campus who looks like father time can just hang out here for the rest of our lives?

I'll have to check into that with him. 

As for my recent cooking adventures I've been tackling Geoff's favs from Panama. 
Ive mastered homemade horchata, im still working on perfecting the soapapillas and this weekend im thinking about trying out churros--along with the knockoff recipe I found for Costa Vidas Sweet pork burritos that Geoff LOVES. 

But as for now, Im planning on enjoying the weekend. 


Discovered this...

at the movie store the other day.

Just trading one bad hairstyle, for the next.


Whats that I see?

Hmmm, lets take a close look, shall we?

Those shapes are looking oddly familiar

Hey, Its Jones and SG!

Call it inspiration, call it divine intervention, but who knew finding Geoff's family photos last Sunday would lead to the PERFECT picture to put in that empty frame on my wall. 


Watch out world...

Because I am an official lady b-baller.

Church b-ball to be exact.

And when those passes come to me and bounce off my shoes you dont know where they're gonna go.

Needless to say, those middle school years rockin the baskets are really paying off.


Our newest addition!

Meet our new grill

We spent our saturday at COSTCO getting hot dogs and pillows and somehow wound up at Home Depot fulfilling our lifelong dream of owning a grill together.

"Geoff, touch the grill like your doing something"


While we were at the Depot I was finally able to get some plants and dirt to fill the pot I bought awhile back.

Enjoying the fruits of our labors

Hope your making your dreams come true too.

P.S. Geoff thinks im crazy but im not. He wanted to buy the floor model so we (I) didnt have to assemble the grill and so I said "if im buying a floor model I want a discount" Then the lady said "we dont give discounts for floor models". However, it had a couple dings on the thing and when I pointed them out she said "Alright, well what do you think you deserve?" and I said "10% off"....And that my fair friends is the magic of haggling. Geoff can think im crazy but I just saved us a few bucks. 


Everyday Champions.

Last night we went to the Everyday Champions dinner. Geoff had never been before and since the dinner is optional we decided to try it our this year and see how it goes. After it was all over we both decided it was something we could live without. I got so sick after that dinner, my stomach hurt so bad (and im not even going to attribute that to the whole box of peeps I ate earlier that day and the ice cream we had afterward). Most of the people there were the lady athletes. I kid you not at least 85% of the people there were girls. Some of those girls were as big as Geoff. No joke. We ended up redeeming the evening with Rob and Ashley by going to DQ. I think we were all still pretty hungry after that dinner. I managed to snap a few pics from the evening. I have to do everything very stealth because Geoff gets really embarassed when I take pictures at these kinds of things. But its my job. 
Geoff in the program and his BFF4LYFE Uncle Rob

Coach and my main squeeze G
(sorry its so fuzzy, i told you I had to be stealth)


and friends

The most enjoyable part of the evening.


Today was a good day because...

I got to break out these

and put away these

These are everywhere

and campus is beautiful

After worked I ventured over here

to watch him practice

And tonight we are going to the Everyday Champions dinner to celebrate Geoff's academic achievements.

Tomorrow forcast says rain.
At least today was a good day. 


I spy...

with my little eye...
something LARGE, tall and Furry!

Can you?