Our newest addition!

Meet our new grill

We spent our saturday at COSTCO getting hot dogs and pillows and somehow wound up at Home Depot fulfilling our lifelong dream of owning a grill together.

"Geoff, touch the grill like your doing something"


While we were at the Depot I was finally able to get some plants and dirt to fill the pot I bought awhile back.

Enjoying the fruits of our labors

Hope your making your dreams come true too.

P.S. Geoff thinks im crazy but im not. He wanted to buy the floor model so we (I) didnt have to assemble the grill and so I said "if im buying a floor model I want a discount" Then the lady said "we dont give discounts for floor models". However, it had a couple dings on the thing and when I pointed them out she said "Alright, well what do you think you deserve?" and I said "10% off"....And that my fair friends is the magic of haggling. Geoff can think im crazy but I just saved us a few bucks. 


britney said...

lol- You and I would get along great at the swap meet haggling with people! Scott doesnt like taking me to the car salesman, cuz he thinks im embarrassing. But I aint about to pay more than I should. lol

mike said...

Looks like Bar-B-Que time on our next visit!!! Now some hanging flower pots like the ones downtown......

Brianne said...

We just got a barbecue a couple of weeks ago! Isn't it amazing? We've had burgers pretty much every day it's been nice enough to grill! Enjoy!