Everyday Champions.

Last night we went to the Everyday Champions dinner. Geoff had never been before and since the dinner is optional we decided to try it our this year and see how it goes. After it was all over we both decided it was something we could live without. I got so sick after that dinner, my stomach hurt so bad (and im not even going to attribute that to the whole box of peeps I ate earlier that day and the ice cream we had afterward). Most of the people there were the lady athletes. I kid you not at least 85% of the people there were girls. Some of those girls were as big as Geoff. No joke. We ended up redeeming the evening with Rob and Ashley by going to DQ. I think we were all still pretty hungry after that dinner. I managed to snap a few pics from the evening. I have to do everything very stealth because Geoff gets really embarassed when I take pictures at these kinds of things. But its my job. 
Geoff in the program and his BFF4LYFE Uncle Rob

Coach and my main squeeze G
(sorry its so fuzzy, i told you I had to be stealth)


and friends

The most enjoyable part of the evening.


Shellene said...

the lovers photo of rob and geoff is hillarious!

mike said...

I have to say that the smile on G's face with Rob is one of the best photos he has ever taken smiling. It must be your picture taking! PS I like your new wallpaper!