Late Night Update!

Geoff and I have been doing really well. Lately, we've become stellar "Grill Masters". Ever since I taught Geoff how to ignite and care for the grill hes been off and running. It been a lot of fun to have Geoff involved in the cooking process. Since we've been spending so much time out there we (I) decided that it would do us some good to spruce up the back patio and work with all 3 feet that we have to make it look its best. Just look at what I did with the place!

Or maybe im totally lying.
But we did add some seating

And some plants

And someday, Geoff will let my buy that garden gnome and outdoor lighting. Someday.

As for Geoffs recent happenings, hes been doing great at practices. Hes really been able to nail down the things hes been learning and has been getting a lot of praise for it.
Hes a really hard worker and im so proud of what hes been able to accomplish.

Hes also recieved some news from the  big man up top (Coach Riley) that its time to loose the "Mormon Gut"--as Coach Cav so affectionately calls it.
Can someone say Summer of '09 all over again? Lets hope the Milk of Magnesia is left out this summer.
Geoff says that come July we wont need fireworks because all the fireworks we need will be under his shirt.
Hes headed for ab city.

As for myself, I recently picked up this new outfit

And despite the sheer enthusiasm on my face, I never want to leave college.
Can I just stay here forever?
Maybe me and the guy on campus who looks like father time can just hang out here for the rest of our lives?

I'll have to check into that with him. 

As for my recent cooking adventures I've been tackling Geoff's favs from Panama. 
Ive mastered homemade horchata, im still working on perfecting the soapapillas and this weekend im thinking about trying out churros--along with the knockoff recipe I found for Costa Vidas Sweet pork burritos that Geoff LOVES. 

But as for now, Im planning on enjoying the weekend. 

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MichelleY said...

Cute table, and congrats on graduating. That is way cool and such an accomplishment!