Last night

Geoff and I were watching Transformers 2 and I thought to myself
"I think Optimus Prime and I have the same inseam, we probably have the same problems when it comes to finding pants".

Its rough out there for our kind.


sam said...


this brought me immense happiness :)

mike said...

We leave for a week and I miss all the funny posts. You are hilarious mi lady! I love what you guys have done with the back yard and Bar-B-Que pit. Sorry I couldn't be at the Family Softball challenge. Sounds like my softball skills were sorely needed for the old farts side. I could have gone in for Campy when he went down. Can you say "Oceanside"? Very seriously, congratulations for working so hard for so long and realizing one of your life's dreams by graduating, you can do anything you put your mind to!