bed rest.

After coming back from California vacation, I went to my OB appointment only to find out I had developed high blood pressure (who knew vacation could be so stressful? What did you guys do to me?? I only kid :). Anyway, things didnt change at my next appointment and so my Dr. put me on bed rest. So after my appointment I went straight to work! I really just had to wrap some things up and I couldnt leave the girl I was going to job offer hanging! This behavior is really only foreshadowing how bad I am at bed rest. My Dr. told me not to do anything---boring! The only activities she gave me to do are checking the mail and getting snacks. Wait? so you want to me lay in bed and get fat? Perfect...not.

Needless to say, Im doing more than I should but really, they should just take this baby out of me already. I go see my Dr.'s twice a week and EVERY time I ask them to induce me and EVERY time they tell me no. Im really not getting my way, and trust me I've tried every approach I can think of. If they dont take this baby out shes going to stay in there forever. She really likes it in there for some reason. She hasnt dropped, I have very few contractions, and no dilating or effacing is to be found. So, really guys, im doing great :) Thats my pity party. Sorry. Im done. When I am being good about 'resting' it looks something like this:

But i've spent my time washing and organizing baby clothes and blankets...

My sister taunts me by sending me sweet pictures of her new little lady, Willa.

oh, and dont be too jealous of my pee jug. I get to collect for 24 hours to see if my gestational hypertension will turn into preeclampsia. (its a pretty big jug, but I would like to thank the lab tech who so graciously offered me two of them just in case one wouldnt be enough...yikes)

Here's to wishing me preeclampsia and getting this baby out a few days early!




sorry, i've been busy gestating my baby and working lots of extra hours.

We haven't been up to too much around here. And to be honest I wouldnt be able to remember most of it anyway. We took some weekend trips here and there. A few weekends ago we went to visit my parents. It was during Cherry Festival. Which isnt as exciting as it sounds...or does that even sound exciting? Anyway, what im getting at is that they had an all goat petting zoo. It was AMAZING. If you know me you know that I REALLY want a baby goat. I'm still bitter we never got our wedding goat. They had these little 2 week old baby goats that were absolutly adorable. I got to hold one of them and she was really sweet and would just lay her head on me and hang out. Seeing as this is a huge dream on mine I was 'thisclose' to a Kristen Bell sloth meltdown. Geoff has finally agreed to get me a pet goat so I'd say our future is really looking up.

In other news, im still pregnant. Here are some pictures for those who would like to see my transition from normal human to beached whale. 

24 weeks...and yes i take my photos at work. 

I think this was 28 weeks?

30 1/2 weeks /Today/Happy Mothers Day

Geoff helped out in primary today and made me a beautiful mothers day drawing

what a sweetheart ;)

Im grateful for my mom and mother in law. I was raised by a great woman and so was he. We both love our mothers very much!


When life gives you lemons...

make sure the juice doesnt get in your papercut.

To say this past week has been rough would be an understatement. But when one door closes another one opens, right? Despite all the bumps in the road this week lets focus on the positive! Crying just makes us look ugly anyway. Since I havent truly updated this thing in a while lets rewind on whats been going on in our neck of the woods.

In January I was promoted at work and am now running my own store. I love my job and its exciting to be able to face new challenges. Retail is certainly exhausting and having the whole stores performance be on my shoulders can be a bit scary at times but I welcome the changes.

Being pregnant and working retail dont always mix. 40 hours a week on my feet doesnt always make my body feel its best, but thats what my bi-weekly appointments to the chiropractor are for :)

I had fun two weeks ago doing some training for work in Seattle and will have to leave again soon for a week to do some more, but its a lot a fun. Note to those getting rental cars...show up at your scheduled time...or you may end up with a sweet mini van. Driving that white hog from Corvallis to Seattle was quite the trip.

Geoff had a birthday last week! Sorry, no special birthday post, he can hate me later :) Im so proud of him and all the things he has accomplished! He works so hard and I appreciate the value he puts into things.

Geoff and I decided it was the right time to move on from Oregon State. We love OSU so much (maybe me a little more :) but we welcome what ever comes our way this summer when he finishes up his bachelor degree.

In more exciting news, we had our 20 week ultrasound (@18 weeks, thanks Dr.!) and it looks like Geoff is going to be outnumbered. 'Baby girl Geoff ' will be joining the family! She wasnt much a trick pony during the ultrasound. She kept rubbing my placenta like it was a magic genie lamp--and her first wish was to get the heck outta there! Sorry kiddo, you've still got some growin' to do.

We went to The Dalles for Geoff's birthday weekend. I manged to get a few shots of the festivities...

Geoff went into a little bit of depression after his favorite sub shop in The Dalles closed down. Thankfully I remembered the best gem The Dalles has to offer: Big Jims. Who doesnt love a burger the size of styrofoam box??

Later that day my brother broke out the ukulele and serenaded Geoff with some birthday tunes

I'd like to thank the Dollar Tree for not discriminating against size and having such large birthday hats!

Everyone trying their best to do Geoffs famous 'turtle face'


aaand we're back!

Welcome to 2012!

January has treated us well. 

So far this year we've had our first ultrasound:

meet Geoff jr.!
we find out the gender the middle of next month.

We met my dad in Portland for a Blazer game:

We got some snow:

I dont really care for the snow that much, but i do love how pretty it makes my drive to work :)

and while it was snowing in Corvallis, Geoff and I had a sunny weekend at the beach:

even though we are only 45 minutes from the coast, I can never figure out why the weather is always the opposite from Corvallis. But I love it!

Happy 2012 y'all!