aaand we're back!

Welcome to 2012!

January has treated us well. 

So far this year we've had our first ultrasound:

meet Geoff jr.!
we find out the gender the middle of next month.

We met my dad in Portland for a Blazer game:

We got some snow:

I dont really care for the snow that much, but i do love how pretty it makes my drive to work :)

and while it was snowing in Corvallis, Geoff and I had a sunny weekend at the beach:

even though we are only 45 minutes from the coast, I can never figure out why the weather is always the opposite from Corvallis. But I love it!

Happy 2012 y'all!


Sara said...

congratulations!!! what a happy start to 2012!!

MichelleY said...

Cant wait to squuueeeeze geoffanis cheeks, newborns are the best. Congrats onn the promotion girl!