In the last 24 hours...

Geoff and I have conquered as well as made life altering decisions. Today Geoff conquered the spider that has been living in our home. I found this spider yesterday morning. It ran behind our TV stand. I was to scared to kill it so I sprayed it with some OxyClean Laundry Stain Remover--naturally. To explain myself a little better I should tell you about this spider. It was huge, it had those extra long legs that shoot up and come down. Its extra speedy and no matter which way you try to attack it, it sees you. When it was living behind our TV stand, i'm pretty sure it chewed through some of our wires--thats how big it is. It was running across our bedroom floor this morning. It was too fast for Geoff. Thankfully it decided to show itself again and Geoff continued to smack the life out of it. I love that man.

As far as life altering decisions go, I finally got Geoff to talk about Halloween. Last night I decided that He should be a big apple and I would be the statue of liberty. I spent an hour trying to figure out how to make him into an apple. When I presented it to him that night at dinner he nixed the idea. At that point I figured that Plan B--dressing up as this years deceased celebrities--wouldn't go over well either. We would have made a great Farrah Fawcett and Billy Mays (rest his soul--it was hard enough using the oxyclean).  Anyway after throwing things around we have decided on Ketchup and Mustard, im the mustard, obviously.

Good people making good choices.



October just so happens to be one of the best months out of the year (alongside, yet slightly above-- July and December, respectfully). There are many reasons why October is so great, and since I have not yet enlightened you, I will do so now.
1. October means fall is in full swing. No more days that are unsure of what kind of weather they would like to be producing. It is full on gloomy and thats the way I like it. Dont try and tell me otherwise.
2. It means campus is at its best. The colors are at their finest. If I could take one of those giant oak trees and stick it in my house I would--but Geoff would get mad at me and kick me out, tree included. He would have a sound reasoning to do so, I might add.
3. Its my birthday month. This means that greatest amount of joy was dropped on this earth and into my moms lap.
4. Halloween. What other day of the entire year can I dress up like anything and look like a total fool? No one can make fun of me or say that i'm probably drunk. I'm also in a family ward now so I really hope that they do trunk or treating so that I can have the coolest car there. *sidenote: since Geoff and I started dating I have been trying to get him to figure out what our halloween costumes are going to be. Its been 7 months and he still wont talk about it.
***I also bought this at Jo-Anns in preperation for Halloween

5. October also means that fall fashion is fully up and running. This is an extremly sensitive subject for me since I get all the emails from j. Crew, Banana Republic and Gap and I have seen the goods. And they are very, very good. I want them. I want them very much. But I cant have them. (its such a good thing that my birthday is in October, huh? Mom?)

Now that you know just how great October is i'm so sorry you have to wait a whole September before it comes.

ADDENDUM: 6. October is also the best month because Brian and Liesl's cute baby boy, Koston, will be born in October! Although I forgot to mention this before hand, it makes October even better. But I was totally right about October, huh Brian?


Male Bonding

This morning as I was getting ready to head out, Geoff showed up with a couple of giant-sized teammates. They wanted to play XBOX and do their laundry. I have no problems with either of these things. However, they didn't have a problem helping themselves, either. I realize they are boys so I fully expected that. When they opened my closet which reveals our washer and dryer they were welcomed by an array of my bras hanging to dry--lucky boys. I was also able to find out exactly how the team felt about me. Saturday after watching their scrimmage I was able to talk to Geoff. As we were talking I was introduced to 5 or 6 other players at different times during our conversation. And do you know what the first thing they said to me was? You don't know, but I will certainly tell you. "So, you didn't like his hair, huh?" (what is Geoff telling these kids?). It was me or the hair kids. I think he made the right choice. And before the team came over and got to check out my unders I started the Jillian Michael's 30-day shred. Oh. My. Gosh. Dang you Jillian. Those poor fatty's on The Biggest Loser you mentally abused. It was only 20 minutes long but after about 5 seconds I was sweating from every pore on my body. Jillian Michael's you are the spawn of Satan. I love you.

At the end of the video she tells you "you're on your way to being shredded." The only thing I think of when I hear that, is the paper shredder.


Your daily dose of Geoff

Geoff and the Unga twins were interviewed about their missions and football. Here is the link to check it out.

The best part of the article is the very last line.


Buckingham Palace...

is exactly where I went today. Thankfully it is so conveniently located next to me on the corner of Western and 4th. It also happens to be the name of an antiques store I visited today. And I found exactly what I needed. Check out these gems:

they're a little dusty but I washed them and they look brand new and beautiful.

I realize they are a little old school, but thats my style. Im going to use them as flour and sugar containers. My old ones from Ikea got busted in the long move from my old apartment 5 blocks away. The lady was really kind (seeing as she already gave me a bargain after I haggled with her) and threw in this sweet pic I started to taking a liking to. He is so happy to be gettin off that plane. I dont blame him either. I had to take tiny planes like that from Idaho to Oregon. I would have done the same thing he was doing, but when I got off the plane it was usually 10 below freezing and no one was there to greet me--other than the airport I had to hike over to to catch my next flight. Thanks mom and dad for shipping me off to Idaho.

Today was the last day of fall camp. They had a big scrimmage in Reeser. I got some action shots of Geoff--just to prove he is working hard.

Check out that tight end.

I somehow ended up sitting in the geriatric section and spent a whole lot of time talking to this sweet old couple about Geoff.

And if today couldn't get any better, this finally arrive in the mail:

Rent this now. You'll feel so much more complete. Promise.


Can you spot the differences?

When Geoff came home with the birds nest, I was upset. I said to him "What if I did that to my hair? You wouldn't be very attracted to that, now would you?!" Thanks to Shellene and her mad photoshop skills, I can finally drive home that point:

See that poor unfortunate she-male on the right? That's a composite of both Geoff and I. Our poor babies.

One day...

Geoff and I will have a beautiful eternal family.



While Geoff's been out and I've had some extra time on my hands I finally got around to decorating our room. I covered canvas boards with some pretty papers I found in Portland at Paper Zone and in my mom's office.

And since I had some leftover sheets and since you cant paint apartment walls, I came up with this idea. Its also in our bedroom located on the opposite wall. The picture doesn't really do it much justice. I promise it looks better in real life.

And to add to my excitement, I just found out that our local Michael's craft store offers Wilton cake decorating classes (I am already the proud owner of a Wilton cake decorating set)! I'm going to sign up for the September months class! I'm really, really excited!!



I was the foosball champion of my 7th grade health class.

Obviously a very productive class. Every morning we performed CPR on our desks and then the rest of the class was spent hearing old war stories about my teachers dad.

And to my future children, I promise never to make this:

Sour Cream Salmon Loaf? Gross. Found this little gem on the side of my off-brand Corn Flakes.

1, 2, 3...

1. I miss my husband. I hate eating dinner alone.
2. I hate going to the gym. I go everyday but I have to push myself to go anymore. I can think of a trillion other things I would rather do than go. Like eat a giant burger, watch Geoff at practice, craft something, watch a 3 hour Friends marathon, scrub the baseboards, clean Geoff's face hair out of the drain, anything! Thankfully my gym is closing for two weeks starting Saturday, which means Monday starts the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. ( biggest loser garner family?)
3. Geoff, just like I knew he would, took the next logical step in facial hair sculpting and did this:

It lasted for about twenty minutes before he said "this looks ugly". That was ugly? And the birds nest wasn't? Oh Geoff.

And our final product:

Bald and beautiful. My bathroom sink is officially clogged.



Soon enough he wont have anymore hair to play with, and i'll finally be able to sleep at night.

Good Morning!

Another day, another hairstyle.

Geoff continues to play with his hairstyle options. Every time he looks in the mirror he says "Dang, i'm handsome."

We both had a good weekend. Geoff stayed in the dorms friday night while I was up in portland shopping with my mom. He got woke up by air horn at 6:30 and was lifting weights at 7. Needless to say he had a great day at camp. Who doesnt want to start their mornings that way? I got to play in portland with my mom. We saw movies and ate ice cream and shopped. We both share a deep love the fall season and it just so happened that the grey sky was out downtown portland. We did even have to wait for september.

In other news, I have never felt so accomplished in my life than this morning (although finishing my marketing plan for the world's hardest class and getting an A on it does come pretty close). On Sundays I always make breakfast and since I was low on pretty much all ingredients, I had a really hard time figuring out what to make. Then I whipped out my Mormon Pantry: Cooking for Two cookbook--of course. (who ever gave us that cookbook for our wedding I am sincerely grateful to you). I found a recipe for German Pancakes. I made them, Geoff loved them, and then praised me for being the best wife in the world--that last part might not have happened but he was impressed at how good they were and the fact that I had never made them before was also impressive to him. I'm so happy to have him back for more than a couple hours.

Anyway, check out these cute pictures from our beach trip that I finally got uploaded...

and just because these pics are so hot...


The Evolution...

Of my hottie husbands hottie hair, and how it became a little less hot. Check this out, when we were taking out pre-wedding shots it looked like this:

I realize its a little long in these pictures and he's stepping into Billy Ray's territory, but still he's lookin' rather fine. Then after the wedding he started to increase his hairiness and add a beard.

And I have to add in this picture because both him and our nephew Levi look so cute.

Then he became a hair factory and his beard started grow like some kind of chia pet.

And then he up and did this:

Gross. And then he rounded things out with this look:

And in case your wondering wants going on just below his face in the picture, this is whats happening:

At football camp this is what they call "snack". Every guy gets their own pizza.


Summer Reading

I have always been a faithful beaver football fan. In the two years that I have been attending Oregon State I have gone to every home game. I love the atmosphere, I love giving high-fives to complete strangers, I love bundling up for night games and wearing my orange and black scarf. I love the beavs! However, now this is a very sensitive matter, I dont know much, if at all anything about football. Thankfully, I have the best girlfriend in the world, Laura, who knows everything about everything with a forte in everything sports. She knows every rule, what every call means and why there are so many "downs" (I dont know what that means...something about 10 yards or whatever). Thankfully she was with me at every game, and could explain everything to me. Unfortunately shes transferring to Idaho and we know how I feel about Idaho (ugh). However, being the determined woman that I am, and having incidentally married the man of my dreams who also incidentally plays what they call "football" I figure that I should learn the game.

Last week when Shellene and I went to go see Julie and Julia (go see it) and they had a preview for a movie called The Blind Side. I almost cried during the preview. So I looked into it, to see what the name of the book was called. It was also called, The Blind Side...imagine that. Turns out the book is about football. So when I went to the library to get it, I also saw this sweet little number:

Look at how happy those kids are, all because they know how to play football! I too could be just like them! Look at Howie! I'm sure he was happy to find another job than doing those Radio Shack commercials with Teri Hatcher! How could I not bring this home with me? How was I so lucky to have it readily available and not snatched up by some other football dummie?! Im going to learn so much.


Loose Connections

I title this post "Loose Connections" because im about to talk about Billy Ray Cyrus. Ever since we've been playing Balderdash I've found a way to incorporate Billy Ray Cyrus. The last being a movie synopsis titled "Loose Connections" in which my answer was the story of billy ray cyrus's hair plugs. I watched an episode of Hanna Montana where Billy Ray was wearing a headband. That means you have too much hair Billy Ray. The point is, I may or may not have watched the Teen Choice awards the other night and 1. Miley cyrus also has way too much hair and 2. Why would Billy Ray let his 16 year old trophy trounce around stage on a stripper pole? This poor little girl is quickly becoming the next Britney Spears (whom we all know I LOVE). But look at this:

and her recent cover on Elle:

Not a kid anymore? I think not Miley.

Talk about an achy breaky heart.



For the last week I have had nightmares every night related to Fall Camp. I worried waaaaay too much and maybe cried a little bit too. I wasnt worried about Geoff getting hurt, I just didnt want him to go through the physical and emotional abuse that goes on everyday at camp and have to feel so completely exhausted. Well, it turns out I had valid concerns because last night at 10:30 this walked through my door:

Who is this? And what has he done with my husband? In some sort of team bonding/male stupidity/ritual hazing the rest of the O-line gave my husband a "birds nest". Apparently, its something the whole team has done http://www.osubeavers.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/081009aaf.html. Regardless, i've never had a grandpa but I wasnt about to have one now. It totally freaked me out. I still can hardly look at it! Once he realized I could hardly go near him he promised to have the rest of his nest shaved off by tonight.


First Post

We're officially up and blogging. Well, i am. Not Geoff. I hear when you get married its a requirement to blog and who am I to shirk on my marital duties? Mostly I want to keep all of our Arizona family in the loop on what were up to in Oregon, since Geoff never calls. Anyway I'll try to keep up on all our summer activites but for now I have to clean and paint my nails!