While Geoff's been out and I've had some extra time on my hands I finally got around to decorating our room. I covered canvas boards with some pretty papers I found in Portland at Paper Zone and in my mom's office.

And since I had some leftover sheets and since you cant paint apartment walls, I came up with this idea. Its also in our bedroom located on the opposite wall. The picture doesn't really do it much justice. I promise it looks better in real life.

And to add to my excitement, I just found out that our local Michael's craft store offers Wilton cake decorating classes (I am already the proud owner of a Wilton cake decorating set)! I'm going to sign up for the September months class! I'm really, really excited!!


Jill said...

I love this! That's a brilliant idea to get around the no-paint crap. I will most likely copy you someday. No surprise.

Geoff + Katie said...

Jill, I love you. I can be your prototype.
Does that even make sense?